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A model for network-based prioritisation of genes
Observed Time Conjunctive Bayesian Network (OT-CBN)
Joint Inference of Mutually Exclusive Driver Pathways and their Progression Dynamics
R Wrapper for DGIdb
Finding Mutually Exclusive Groups of Alterations in Cancer Datasets
Quality Report Generation for MaxQuant Results
Utilities for Zonation Spatial Conservation Prioritization Software
R-Based API for Accessing the MSKCC Cancer Genomics Data Server (CGDS)
Clustering of Multivariate Binary Data with Dimension Reduction via L1-Regularized Likelihood Maximization
Claudia's collection of miscellaneous functions
Collection of "combined" models: PCA-LDA, PLS-LDA, etc.
Waiting Times for Evolutionary Branching in Adaptive Dynamics
A collection of useful functions and utilities I commonly use
R interface to the DataONE RESTful API
Detection of Early Warning Signals for Catastrophic Bifurcations
Fluctuation Domains in Adaptive Evolution
Citations for 'Knitr' Markdown Files
Interface to the LIFX API
tools for Markov Chain Monte Carlo
Bayesian Learning Algorithms for Markov Decision Processes
Multiple Uncertainty
Pretty Darn Good Control
Phylogenetic Monte Carlo
Tools to simulate various population dynamics models in ecology
Access Data from the RAM Legacy Stock Assessment Database
Models and Data for Ecological Regime Shifts
A few Population Dynamics Models in Ecology & Evolution
Detection of Early Warning Signals for Catastrophic Bifurcations
Covariate Balancing Propensity Score
Statistical Inference for Panel POMPs (Partially Observed Markov Processes)
Statistics Netherlands (CBS) Open Data API Client
Classifies RNA Structure Change in Chemical Mapping Data
Fit Marginal Distribution and Visualize
Fit Marginal Distribution and Visualize
Canonical correlation analysis
Client for 'CCAFS' 'GCM' Data
Quantitative DNA sequencing for chromosomal aberrations
Bayesian Canonical Correlation Analysis and Group Factor Analysis
Scrapers and tools for NBA data
Scraper for Sports Data
(Robust) Canonical Correlation Analysis via Projection Pursuit
Class Cover Catch Digraphs
Developing a core collections
Cone Constrained Convex Problems
Cone Constrained Convex Problems
Concordance Correlation Coefficient for Repeated (and Non-Repeated) Measures
Combined Cluster and Discriminant Analysis

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