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What the Package Does (Title Case)
What the Package Does (Title Case)
A Set of R6 Classes & a Shiny Application for Reducing Elemental LA-ICPMS Data from Solid Structures
Analysis of DNA methylation data from CHARM microarrays
An example dataset for use with the charm package
API Interface With Open Science Framework
Extract statistics from articles and recompute p values
General regression neural network
Probabilistic neural networks
Clonal Heterogeneity Analysis Tool
Bridge Between hyperSpec & ChemoSpec
Clustering of variables
Divisive hierarchical clustering
Multivariate Analysis of Mixed Data
sparse and group-sparse PCA
Canadian Historical Climate Network
Discrete Linear Chebyshev Approximation
Multivariate Chebyshev Interpolation
Calculate and verify check digits
Fast and Versatile Argument Checks
Install Packages from Snapshots on the Checkpoint Server for Reproducibility
Analysis and Visualisation of Ecological Communities
Calibration Functions for Analytical Chemistry
R interface to a subset of OpenBabel functionalities
Cheminformatics Toolkit for R
A Cheminformatics Modeling Laboratory for Fitting and Assessing Machine Learning Models
Multivariate Statistical Analysis in Chemometrics
Chemometrics with R - Multivariate Data Analysis in the Natural Sciences and Life Sciences
Data for package ChemometricsWithR
Exploratory Chemometrics for Spectroscopy
extra functions of Quantitative Strategy Model Framework
Provide useful Technical Indicators
easy to get wind data using WindR
An Analysis of the Ages of Williams College Faculty
Calculate the Causality between variables
calculate CCM
Read and Preprocess Fluorescence Excitation-Emission Matrix (EEM) Data
Goevb Trip Visualisation
Sparse CCA via Precision Adjusted Iterative Thresholding (CAPIT)
Single cell RNA sequencing analysis tools
Risk/Performance Measure Estimator Standard Error
Sunlight spectra for photoelectrochemistry
chepec common

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