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Compute cluster stability scores for microarray data
Assessment of Stability of Individual Objects or Clusters in Partitioning Solutions
Check the Clustering Tendency
Evaluation of Clustering Algorithms
Clustering of Observations with Geographical Constraints
Model Based Clustering for Mixed Data
k-Prototypes Clustering for Mixed Variable-Type Data
Variable Selection in Clustering by Mixture Models for Discrete Data
Clustering of variables
Easy Interface for Clustering a Set of Documents and Exploring Group- Based Patterns
Methods for Joint Dimension Reduction and Clustering
Significant Cluster Analysis
Clustering of Variables Around Latent Variables
Variable Selection for Gaussian Model-Based Clustering
Cluster Validation Techniques
Validation of Clustering Results
Synthesis of microarray-based classification
Covariance Matrix Adapting Evolutionary Strategy
Covariance Matrix Adapting Evolutionary Strategy
Covariance Matrix Adaptation Evolution Strategy
Useful Functions for Economists
CMap tools in R
Natively read EXIF tags from R
Calculate indirect Leaf Area Index (LAI) from images
An R implementation of count-based multi-site population viability analysis
An R implementation of count-based multi-site population viability analysis
Cronbach-Mesbah Curve
Collective matrix factorization
New Zealand Census of Populations and Dwellings Count Data by Geographic Area
New Zealand Census Data Demos
New Zealand Labour Market Statistics
Estimation of parameters for void spaces
Fitting and Simulation for log-Gaussian Cox processes using INLA/SPDE approach
Fitting apatial and apatio-temporal models to smoking logs
Categorical Marginal Models
Computational Methods for Numerical Analysis
cMonkey integrated biclustering algorithm
Properties of some distribution functions
Control Charts for Conway-Maxwell-Poisson Distribution
Custom HTML UI
signet: Selection Inference in Gene Networks
Circle Manhattan Plot
Flexible Modeling of Count Processes
Subdistribution Analysis of Competing Risks
Analysis of Competing Risks Using Quantile Regressions
Multistage Competing Risks Analysis for Web data
Fit Capture-Mark-Recapture models in continuous time.
Misc Functions of the Center for the Mathematical Research
Tools for CM SAF NetCDF Data

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