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Alternative Factor Coding Matrices for Linear Model Formulae
Applied Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) Functions (no plotting/rgl)
Community Dynamics Metrics
Robust Cronbach's alpha with missing and non-normal data
Robust Coefficient Alpha and Omega with Missing and Non-Normal Data
Plots Coefficients from Fitted Models
Coenocline Simulation
Gradient-Based Coenospace Vegetation Simulator
Species coexistence modeling and analysis
Consensus Optimization Fuzzy Clustering
Generate Cofeature Matrices
End-Member Modelling of Grain-Size Data
Environmental seismology toolbox
Complete Functional Regulation Analysis
Coordinated Gene Activity in Pattern Sets
Coordinated Gene Activity in Pattern Sets
Simulation and inferenc for COGARCH(1,1) processes
Portfolio selection with Multivariate COGARCH(p,q) models
co-expressed gene-set enrichment analysis
EVE R Tools
Fit psychophysic data, extract slopes and PSS and draw plots by subjects and by average.
Predata load data and explore them
Filter data, format and export statistical results
Build reproducibility reports for the Cognition Open Data (COD) project
cancer outlier Gene Profile Sets
K-Means Example
CpG Island Analysis Pipeline for Illumina Methylation Array and Targeted BS-Seq Data
Copula Based Imputation Method
Conditional Inference Procedures in a Permutation Test Framework
Conditional Inference Procedures in a Permutation Test Framework
Simultaneous Confidence Interval for Multinomial Proportion
Consistent Monitoring of Stationarity and Cointegrating Relationships
Parameter Estimation and Inference in a Cointegrating Regression
Processe collocates for keywords in context and calculate collocate significance
Count Longitudinal Data
Multi-Objective Kriging Optimization
Surface and topological analysis for tribology
CCAAPS air pollution exposure predictions
Automagically Document and Install Packages Necessary to Run R Code
Cole Brokamp's Personal Functions
Inference for Random Forests
Dockerize a Shiny Application
Functions to get data from the Eloqua Bulk API
No-U-Turn sampling for Template Model Builder and AD Model Builder
Analysis of chromosome number evolution and binary traits
Comparative and Population Genetic Analyses
Wright-Fisher model population genetics simulator

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