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Comparative and Population Genetic Analyses
Wright-Fisher model population genetics simulator
Software for the Analysis of Genetic Architecture
Software for the Analysis of Genetic Architecture
Single-cell RNA-Seq for differentiating human skeletal muscle myoblasts (HSMM)
Clustering, differential expression, and trajectory analysis for single- cell RNA-Seq
Constrained Optimization on Linear Function
Access the 'languagelayer' API
Get Information from the GeoAPI
Access Pinterest API
Tools for Webmasters
Unit COnversions
Local Linear Regression for Estimating Biological Rates From Time-Series & Trace Data
stampr: Spatial Temporal Analysis of Moving Polygons in R
Colin's Miscellaneous Functions
Generalized CDH (GCDH) Analysis
Interactive Collapsible Tree Diagrams using 'D3.js'
Cut Numeric Values Into Evenly Distributed Groups
Fast Specialized CSV File Loader.
Local and remote system commands with output and error capture.
Functions for timing R scripts, as well as implementations of Stack and List structures.
Batch Sequential Minimum Energy Design with Design-Region Adaptation
Contour Functions
Gaussian Process Fitting
Sequential Full Factorial-Based Latin Hypercube Design
Sequential Minimum Energy Designs
Test Functions for Simulation Experiments and Evaluating Optimization and Emulation Algorithms
Universal Gaussian process modeling
Collocation Inference for Dynamic Systems
Collapsed Latent Position Cluster Model for Social Networks
Auxiliary Package for Package 'CollapsABEL'
Colocalisation tests of two genetic traits
Cologne Open Data API Implementation in R
API Wrapper for Colorado Demography Office APIs
Shiny Elements and Modules for CO Demography Office
Implementation of Colored Independent Component Analysis and Spatial Colored Independent Component Analysis
Plot and add custom coloring to Venn diagrams for 2-dimensional, 3-dimensional and 4-dimensional data.
Colorful Hierarchical Clustering Dendrograms
Color Palettes using Colormaps Node Module
Color Palettes Generator
A 'ggplot2' Extension to Visualize Two Variables per Color Aesthetic Through Color Space Projections
Color Palettes for EPL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and NFL Teams
Builds color tables
Color Science Methods and Data
Color Science Methods and Data
Color Space Manipulation
Color Space Manipulation
Color Calculations with Emphasis on Spectral Data

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