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Convert from UTC to Local Time for United States Counties
Compiles Meterological Data for U.S. Counties
Advanced Statistical Applications: from LM to GLMM using R
A Residue-Residue Contact Detecting Method
Misc Functions
Last Player Picked Price Guide
Functions for Optimal Non-Bipartite Matching
Creates PK Data
Local Polynomial Regression of State Dependent Covariates in State-Space Models
Tests on Properties of Space-Time Covariance Functions
Brownian Motion Processes for 'nlme'-Models
Empirical Bayes estimate of block diagonal covariance matrices
Coverage visualization package for R
Latent Class Models with Covariate Effects on Underlying and Measured Variables
Covariance Matrix Estimation
Test Coverage for Packages
A simultaneous regression model for the mean and covariance
Multivariate Analysis of Transcriptomic Data
Robust Covariance Estimation via Nearest Neighbor Cleaning
Model-Free Covariate Selection
Model-Free Covariate Selection in High Dimensions
Tests for Determining if the Covariance Structure of 2-Dimensional Data is Separable
Computes covariance test for adaptive linear modelling
Streamlined Plot Theme and Plot Annotations for 'ggplot2'
Messages, Warnings, Strings with Ascii Animals
Cox models by likelihood based boosting for a single survival endpoint or competing risks
Boosting Flexible Cox Models (with Time-Varying Effects)
Cox-Type Models for Interval-Censored Data
Mixed Effects Cox Models
Regularized Cox Model
Cox Regression with Firth's Penalized Likelihood
Sparse Estimation of Cox Proportional Hazards Models via Approximated Information Criterion
Weighted Estimation in Cox Regression
Cox Regression (Proportional Hazards Model) with Multiple Causes and Mixed Effects
Cox Models with Dynamic Ridge Penalties
Robust Estimation in Cox Model
Fitting a CoxSEI Model
Conditional Power Calculations
Calibration Plot for Proteomics
Confirmatory Path Analysis through the d-sep tests
Additions to phyloseq package for microbiome analysis
Bayesian Meta Analysis for Studying Cross-Phenotype Genetic Associations
Methods to perform Common Principal Component Analysis (CPCA)
Concordance Probability Estimates in Survival Analysis
Association Between Methylation and a Phenotype of Interest
Parallelized Genomic Prediction and GWAS
CpG Filtering Method Based on Intra-class Correlation Coefficients
Calculate scenarion indices for knmitransformer
Find the maximum likelihood estimator of the shape constrained hazard baseline and the effect parameters in the Cox proportional hazards model
Clinical Pharmacokinetics

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