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simple R project manager
simple R web applications
What the Package Does (Title Case)
MultiDimensional Feature Selection (MDFS)
Integrate Awesome R Package and Web Services
CUDA Parallel Implementation of a Bayesian Multilevel Model for fMRI Data Analysis
Data sets for the examples used in the package "cudaBayesreg"
CUDIA Cross-level Imputation
Charles's Utility Function using Formula
Electrical energy forecast tools
Hierarchical Forecasting reconciliation using a Game Theorical O P
Functions for statistical analysis and plotting of image properties
Analysis, exploration, manipulation, and visualization of Cufflinks high-throughput sequencing data.
Analyze Multivariate Phenotypes by Combining Univariate Results
Extends ddply to allow calculation of cumulative quantities.
Change point detection in genomic sequences
Cumulative Descriptive Statistics
Studying patterns in base substitution catalogues
A Modern and Flexible Web Client for R
Tools to Transform 'cURL' Command-Line Calls to 'httr' Requests
Estimation of CCI and CLFS Functions
Partial Function Application with %<%, %-<%, and %><%
Interval estimation for population parameters
Statistical Process Measurement
Pacote da Aula 7
Deixa Power Ups Prontos Para Uso
Dependencias dos PUs
Template para Power Ups de Cursos R
Curtis Miscellaneous
Discrete random variables
Dynamic Systems Estimation - Curvature Extensions
The package will formally test two curves represented by discrete data sets to be statistically equal or not when the errors of the two curves were assumed either equal or not using the tube formula to calculate the tail probabilities.
Filtering of Flow Cytometry Samples
Cusp-Catastrophe Model Fitting Using Maximum Likelihood
Cusp-Catastrophe Model Fitting Using Maximum Likelihood
Customized Training for Lasso and Elastic-Net Regularized Generalized Linear Models
Generate customized protein database from NGS data, with a focus on RNA-Seq data, for proteomics search
Compute Decision Interval and Average Run Length for CUSUM Charts
CUTOFF: A Spatio-temporal Imputation Method
German Polling Data
An R package to perform LPUE standardization and stock assessment of the English Channel cuttlefish stock using a two-stage biomass model
Alternative Implementations of Base R Functions
Generalized sorting of R objects

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