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Analysis of Threat and Demography Scoring Manuscript
Names and Hierarchy of U.S. Government Agencies
Compute the design effect for correlated binary data
Sean Gets A PhD: Research Convenience Functions
Differential gene expression data formats converter
R functions for shape analysis
Integration of One-Dimensional Functions with Double Exponential Formulas
Detection of differentially expressed genes.
Two-sample tests on a graph
Models for Skewed Count Distributions Relevant to Networks
Report of DEG analysis
Identify Differentially Expressed Genes from RNA-seq data
Statistical Functions for the Delaporte Distribution
Delayed operations on array-like objects
Delaunay Triangulation and Dirichlet (Voronoi) Tessellation
Worldwide data on countries and intra-country units
Functions to work with dendro data
delftfews R extensions
Ejercicio de la practica de preparaciĆ³n de datos en R
What the Package Does (one line, title case)
Estimates Pseudotimes for Single Cell Expression Data
Estimation of Multivariate Densities Using Adaptive Partitions
Pack Boxes in optimal way
Logging and timing of your code
Identification of dichotomous differential item functioning (DIF) using Angoff's Delta Plot method
Alternative Time Series Analysis
Group Screening and Selection
Refined Moving Average Filter
Access to VK API via R
YARN Interface
Functions to Calculate Relatedness on Diploid Genetic Data
Evaluating the genetic differentiation between populations based on Gst and D values.
Differential Expression from Multiple Indicators
Deming, Thiel-Sen and Passing-Bablock Regression
Deconvolution Models for Mixed Transcriptomes from Heterogeneous Tumor Samples
'DeMix' Sample Data
Analysis of Age-Structured Demographic Models
Forecasting Mortality, Fertility, Migration and Population Data
Kernel Density Estimation for Demonstration Purposes
demoniche - spatial population dynamics
DEvelopment (of Multi-Linear QSPR/QSAR) MOdels VAlidated using Test Set
Analyzing chromatin accessibility data in R
Mueller's R tools
Extending 'Dendrogram' Functionality in R
Faster Dendrogram Manipulation using 'Rcpp'
Extra functions to cut, label and colour dendrogram clusters

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