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Color Schemes for Dichromats
Color Schemes for Dichromats
Dictionaries for reading microdata surveys from IBGE
Import medical imaging data using the DICOM Standard
Tools for Graphical Inference
Phylogenetic Visualization
A Simple Implementation and Demonstration of Gradient Boosting
Contexts for evaluating R expressions
DIDE Windows Cluster Support
DIDE Windows Cluster Support
Download Kittens From the Internet
Conditional Gibbs Energy Mean - Empirical Variance
Paquete con utilidades variadas.
Set of wrapper functions to work with PostgreSQL.
Categorization Of Continuous Variables.
Download pollution data for the Zona Metropolitana del Valle de Mexico
Choropleths of Mexico
Maps used by the mxmaps package
Injury Intent Deaths 2004-2014 in Mexico
Defines some physical constants and dielectric functions commonly used in optics, plasmonics.
R companion to "Curve and Surface Fitting with Splines"
Test circRNA dependence on host genes
R Interface to the ZEIT ONLINE Content API
Detection of Differential Item Functioning (DIF) in Rasch Models by Boosting Techniques
Difference of Two Precision Matrices Estimation
Differential Binding Analysis of ChIP-Seq Peak Data
Analyzing and Visualizing Differential Correlation Networks in Biological Data
Calculates Confidence Intervals for two Dependent Proportions
Functions from the book Solving Differential Equations in R
Functions from the book Solving Differential Equations in R
Metrics of Difference for Comparing Pairs of Maps
Performs differential gene expression Analysis
Differential Analyis of Hi-C Data
Diffusion IRT Models for Response and Response Time Data
DiffLogo: A comparative visualisation of sequence motifs
Identifying differential DNA loops from chromatin topology data
Detection of Statistically Significant Changes in Complex Biological Networks
Diffs for R Objects
Display Differences Between Two Files using Codediff Library
Baseline identification and peak decomposition for x-ray diffractograms
Projects for Text Version Comparison and Analytics in R
Visualization for 'diffrprojects'
Diffusion map
Inference and Analysis for Generalized Quadratic Diffusions
Inference and Analysis for Diffusion Processes via Data Imputation and Method of Lines
Inference and Analysis for Jump Generalized Quadratic Diffusions
Network Diffusion Algorithms
A Penalty Approach to Differential Item Functioning in Rasch Models
Detection of Dichotomous Differential Item Functioning (DIF) and Differential Distractor Functioning (DDF) by Non-Linear Regression Models
Collection of Methods to Detect Dichotomous Differential Item Functioning (DIF)

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