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R library for tstp (time series transfer protocol)
Allow Access to the 'Dlib' C++ Library
ICD code converter
Tools and utilities for clinical research - the doctoR package
Open Biomedical Ontology Extraction Tools (oboe)
Polytomous variable Latent Class Analysis
Bayesian and Likelihood Analysis of Dynamic Linear Models
Bayesian and Likelihood Analysis of Dynamic Linear Models
Detection Localization Mapping for QTL
Generalized Dynamic Linear Modeler
Data-Limited Methods Toolkit
Data-Limited Methods Toolkit
Distributed Lag Non-Linear Models
Dynamic Linear Regression Model
Distributed-Lag Structural Equation Modelling
Download Stats of R Packages
Dynamic Model Averaging
Queue Planning and Forecasting
Statistical testing tools for experiments and campaigns
Data sets from Psychology and Linguistics experiments
DBM Colors for R Plots
Multivariate Distance Matrix Regression
Multivariate Distance Matrix Regression
Multivariate Linear Model with Analytic p-Values
Core functions to read and fit 13C time series from breath tests
Reads and Evaluates Gastric Emptying 13C Breath Test Data
Utility Functions To Print With Knitr
Dieter Menne's Latex Related Functions
Dieter Menne's Misc Functions
Read MATLAB-Format Data from Mri3d.exe
Zuerich MRI-XML Support and Database Functions
Analyzing gastric emptying functions
Fit 13c Breath Test Data and Compute T50 and Lag
Basic package using precompiled Stan model
Genotyping and QTL Mapping in DO Mice
Analytics for the Botlio website
A Package to Clean/Test Georeferenced Data
Jack-Knife Support for Evolutionary Distinctiveness Indices I and W
Panbiogeographic analysis using a geometrical Approach
R code for crystal structure comparison
Thrombin Analyzer
Tools for Working with Connectivity Data
DBI/RJDBC interface to h2 Database
Functions for analyzing the H2 database containing the NXT blockchain
Distance Metric Learning in R
Dyadic Mixed Model for Pedigree Data

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