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Prepare Data for IRT Analyses
Estimate National Trends in International Large-Scale Assessments
Extract Multiple Excel Files at Once
Elimination-by-Aspects Models
What the package does (short line)
What the package does (short line)
What the package does (short line)
Create Simple Object-Oriented Dashboards with the shinydashboard Package
Access data from U.S. EPA's Air Quality Data Mart in R
Upper Confidence Limit (UCL) functions for R
Extra Twitter Bootstrap Components for Shiny
Menus for shiny
Entropy reweighting to create balanced samples
Unified Approach for Simultaneous Gene Clustering and Differential Expression Identification
Sample Size Calculation Method for Cost-Effectiveness Studies Based on Expected Value of Perfect Information
Empirical Bayes Thresholding and Related Methods
EBcoexpress for Differential Co-Expression Analysis
Empirical Bayes Estimation of Dynamic Bayesian Networks
Empirical Bayesian Elastic Net
Fits Gaussian Processes for Regression
What the Package Does (Title Case)
Build Powerful Pivot Tables and Dynamically Slice & Dice your Data
Genotyping and SNP Detection using Next Generation Sequencing Data
Empirical Bayesian Lasso and Elastic Net Methods for Generalized Linear Models
Image processing and analysis toolbox for R
EBI Metagenomics Portal
EBI Metagenomics Portal
BioCro Crop and Agroecosystem Simulator
R version of Sugarbag database of sugarcane traits and yields
Cleaning Geometries from Spatial Objects
Facilities for write and read ISO/OGC geographic metadata
GeoServer REST API R Interface
A package to facilitate the drawing of geographical maps in R
Tools for Spatial Reallocation of Data
A set of utility tools to manipulate spatial objects
Ensemble BMA Forecasting
Empirical Bayes Ranking
Exact Bayesian Segmentation

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