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Evonet: Integrated Bio-Social Models for HIV Epidemiology
Evonet: Integrated Bio-Social Models for HIV Epidemiology
Evolutionary Parameter Estimation for 'Repast Simphony' Models
Evolutionary Rates Across Gradients
What the Package Does (Title Case)
Mean of order p, peaks over random threshold Hill and high quantile estimates
Evolutionary Learning of Globally Optimal Trees
Evolutionary Learning of Globally Optimal Trees
Edgeworth Expansion
Tools for Running Simulation Studies With Stan And R
Creates an Executable Shortcut for Shiny Applications
Edge-Weighted Closeness
Expression Weighted Celltype Enrichment
Goodness-of-Fit Tests for the Exponential and Two-Parameter Weibull Distributions
R Wrapper for Java Implementation of BiBit
R Wrapper for Java Implementation of CCC and e-CC biclustering algorithm
Analysing Education Trials
'Rcmdr' Plug-in GUI for Biclustering
Plotting R Studio CRAN Mirror Download Numbers
Workflow for Identifying Regulatory Elements from Chromatin Accessibility Assay Data
Unconditional Exact Test
Exact Tests and Confidence Intervals for 2x2 Tables
Exact P-Values and Matching Confidence Intervals for Simple Discrete Parametric Cases
Inductive Confidence Intervals for the difference between two proportions
Monte Carlo Exact Tests for Log-linear models
Exact fixed effect meta analysis
Exact solution paths for regularized LASSO regressions with L_1 penalty
Exact Distributions for Rank and Permutation Tests
ExactSampling: risk evaluation using exact resampling methods for the k Nearest Neighbor algorithm.
Help for Writing Unit Tests Based on Function Examples
Automatic Generation of Exams in R
Automatic Generation of Exams in R
R Interface & SDK for the EXASOL Database
Confidence regions for exceedance sets and contour lines
Convenient Data Exchange with Microsoft Excel
Excerpt Structuring Comments from Your Code File and Set a Table of Contents
Interactive Exploration of Contour Data
Excursion Sets and Contour Credibility Regions for Random Fields
Execute scripts in exec directory of packages
Read EXIF Metadata from JPEGs
EXIF Image Data in R
R functions for the normalization of Exiqon miRNA array data
Exact Liebermann/Reshnikov and Bruhn-Suhr/Krumbholz plans
Copy number variant detection from exome sequencing read depth
Calls Copy Number Variants from Targeted Sequence Data
exome-based anlaysis of MeRIP-Seq data: peak calling and differential analysis
Convert Gene EXPression Data to FBA FLUXes
Feature Matrix Builder
Expanding Ploidy and Allele-Frequency on Nested Subpopulations

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