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Recursive Partitioning and Regression Trees
A set of functions to process phenotype data, perform GWAS, and perform post-mapping data processing for C. elegans.
Tools for processing COPAS large-particle flow cytometer data
A Package to Read, Process, and Manage Data from the Andersen Lab's Worm Sorter
Functions for the Mapping of Andersen Lab RIAILs and RILs
Wrangle Phylogenetic Distance Matrices and Other Utilities
Pedigree Inference using Molecular Marker Data
Detect Malaria Parasites Using Site Occupancy Models
Simulate microsatellite data using Hudson's ms program
ComplementaryDomainPrioritization and Filtering
Bayesian Penalized Credible Regions
An R Package to Map Gridded Climate and Exposure Data to Local Geographies
Link Gridded Data To Map.
Regression in Multivariate Exposure Settings
Some Useful R Functions
Fits the ZIPLL hierarchical dose-response model
Generalized PCA
Factorization Machines with R
Binary Dimensionality Reduction
Gutenberg Mining
Processing Pb isotope ratio data
deploy your shiny app on Amazon AWS just running a function
update R version in an R function (OSX devices)
PCA functions for the PCA shiny application
What the Package Does (Title Case)
Insert screenshot in Rmarkdown.
Co-Expression Analysis of Sequencing Data
Empirical Bayes Estimation of Dynamic Bayesian Networks
Causal estimation for Gaussian Bayesian networks
Standardized Beta Coefficients
Design-Based Global and Small-Area Estimations for Multiphase Forest Inventories
Model higher-order methylation profiles
Model higher-order methylation profiles
Methylation Profiles predict Gene Expression
Process HTS Files and Data
Simple package with BiocGenerics issue
Creation and Evaluation of Acceptance Sampling Plans
Cancer Variant Explorer
Parameter Space Exploration with Latin Hypercubes
An R library For Agent-Based Simulations of Demography in Heterogeneus Landscapes
Analisis Multivariado Universidad Nacional de Colombia (AMUN)
Knowledge Domain Visualization
Utility functions to use at
Method to calculate standard errors and effect sizes from multiple reported values.
Functions to Support Metaresearch with MTurkR

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