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What the package does (short line)
Exploratory Data Analysis for FLR
Fleet, metier et al
2 spec Dynamic State Variable Model
FLSAM, an implementation of the State-space Assessment Model for FLR
eXtended Survivor Analysis for FLR
Storing FLR objects in SQLite.
Path algorithm for the general Fused Lasso Signal Approximator
Multi-Threaded Multidimensional Fixed Size Subset Sum Solver and Extension to General-Purpose Knapsack Problem
Classes and methods for AQS data
Tables of codes for the US EPA's Air Quality System (AQS)
Utility functions for the Fluent Data asthma project
Download integrated surface data from the National Climatic Data Center
Provides an interface to U.S. EPA's AQS REST API
Separate the Clean from the Dirty
Data Sets from Flury, 1997
Database management for individual researchers/labs
What the Package Does (Title Case)
Network Exchange Objects
Flux rate calculation from dynamic closed chamber measurements
Helpers Functions For Elioth Tools
Get, Transform and Visualize Wether Data
eXtended Survivor Analysis for FLR
Fatality Analysis Reporting System accident`s data processing
Processing and visualizing sensors data
Malaysia Home Loan Calculator
Flythings connection
Data Sets from "Forecasting: Methods and Applications" by Makridakis, Wheelwright & Hyndman (1998)
R Package for Estimation, Simulation and Forecasting of a Univariate Markov Switching Model
Financial Market Building Blocks
Factorial Experiments with Minimum Level Changes
Mismatch Tolerant Maximum Common Substructure Searching
Financial Market Date Calculations
A Flexible Modelling Environment for Inverse Modelling, Sensitivity, Identifiability and Monte Carlo Analysis
A Flexible Modelling Environment for Inverse Modelling, Sensitivity, Identifiability and Monte Carlo Analysis
Get License information list
Alignment Manipulations and Data Preparation for Phylogenetic Analyses
Chromosome Number and Ploidy Evolution Models
Summarizes CRAN Check Results in the Terminal
Manage barcoding data and more
Base Package for Phylogenetic Structures and Comparative Data
Tools for phylogenetics and taxonomy
A Minimalist Interface To Google Picasa Web
An Interface to the Nexus Class Library
rsowh - an R interface for the SO-WH test
A posterior predictive check for the multispecies coalescent model implemented in *BEAST

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