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Matrix eQTL: Ultra Fast eQTL Analysis via Large Matrix Operations
Fast Methylome-Wide Association Study Pipeline for Enrichment Platforms
Interface with Azure Storage API
A report writing system that creates and compiles LaTEX and pdf output
An extension of braid to deal with PowerPoint output
Create Dendrograms and Tree Diagrams Using 'ggplot2'
Tools to import data in Morar Consulting's format
Helper Functions to Make it Easier to Use neuralNet in the MicrosoftML Package
Computes Pagerank of CRAN Packages
Helper Functions to Make it Easier to Use neuralNet in the MicrosoftML Package
Performs sentiment analysis
A tookit full of small tools: screwdrivers and spanners
Helper functions to work with Microsoft SQL Server R Services
Tools for Importing Files in the Triple-s (Standard Survey Structure) Format
Supplementary distributions
Tools to manipulate survey data
Tools for analysing, reporting and plotting survey data
Additional tools for working with surveyor objects
Tools for TURF (Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency) analysis
Compares the Results of Running Code in Different Installed Versions of R
A graphical interface for the metagene package
Suite of R tools for custom SNP vizualisation
desk - didactic econometrics starter kit
Package for FARS Data Manipulation
Functions for work with the NOAA Significant Earthquakes dataset.
Create and Customize Ordination Plots (Biplots) in 2D and 3D (using rgl)
Create and Customize Ordination Plots (Biplots) in 3D Using rgl
A Collection of Utilities for Data Analyse
Split-Population Duration (Cure) Regression
Acoustic Survey Data Processing
Package to analyze wind resource and wind turbine data (developer test version)
this the package I submitted for programming assignment
A package for working with spatial data in topojson format in R.
Miscellaneous Functions for Bioinformatics and Bayesian Statistics
Queries biomaRt and ensembl to find the dn/ds values for a character vector of gene names.
A package to allow ggplot2 or lattice graphics to be "tagged" with meta information
Perform bounds test for cointegration and perform dynamic simulations.
Geo-Processing Base Functions
Analysing Remotely Sensed Forest Data
Tile Manager
an insecticide resistance population genetics model with 2 loci and 2 insecticides
prototyping an insecticide resistance management computer game
World Map Data from Natural Earth
World Vector Map Data from Natural Earth Used in 'rnaturalearth'
High Resolution World Vector Map Data from Natural Earth used in rnaturalearth
simulating tsetse fly populations
Mapping Global Data

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