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Group Subset Selection
Multiple Testing Procedure for Grouped Hypotheses
Robust Graphical Methods For Group Comparisons
Wavelet Functional ANOVA Through Markov Groves
Bayesian Semi and Nonparametric Growth Curve Models that Additionally Include Multiple Membership Random Effects
Bayesian Non-Parametric Dependent Models for Time-Indexed Functional Data
Growing Self-Organizing Maps
Multivariate Normal and Elliptically-Contoured Repeated Measurements Models
Simple Metrics to Summarize Growth Curves
Nonlinear Growth Models
Bayesian reconstruction of growth velocity
Estimate Growth Rates from Experimental Data
Fitting user specified models with Group Lasso penalty
Concave 1-norm and 2-norm group penalty in linear and logistic regression
Regularization Paths for Regression Models with Grouped Covariates
Penalized Regression Models with Overlapping Grouped Covariates
Group Sorted L1 Penalized Estimation
Group Screening and Selection
Patterns and Statistical Differences Between Two Groups of Strings
Alternative Implementations of Base R Functions
Better prediction by use of co-data: Adaptive group-regularized ridge regression
GRS Test for Portfolio Efficiency and Its Statistical Power Analysis
General Recognition Theory
Tools for the Analysis of Gutenberg-Richter Distributions of Earthquake Magnitudes
Spatially balanced sampling based on GRTS
Easy Interface to Effective Concentration Calculations
Lab Notebook Tools
Tools for Parsing, Manipulating, and Graphing Hierarchical Data
Gene set analysis
Gene Set Analysis using the Gamma Method
Utility Functions For GATK
Fast Permutation-based Gene Set Analysis
Gene Set Analysis with QTL
Gene Set Analysis in R
Two functions for Generalized SARIMA time series simulation
Group Sequential Bayes Design
GSCA: Gene Set Context Analysis
An Interface for GenBank/GenPept Flat Files
A wrapper for NCBI Blast
Data supporting Introductory and Statistical Data Analysis with R.
Dual redundant reference sequencing
Create and manipulate multiple genome alignments with annotation.
A collection conveniance functions.
Simulate allelic dropouts in HLA data
A collection of tools to work with IMGT/HLA data
Allele data from from IPD-IMGT/HLA
Retrieve data from NCBI.
Assessing the quality of high-throughput multiple sequence alignments.
An R interface to the NCBI EUtilities
Talk to the NCBI EUtils

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