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Functions to simulate haplotypes
Statistical Analysis of Haplotypes with Traits and Covariates when Linkage Phase is Ambiguous
Modelling of haplo-effects for survival data, including competing risks. Effect of haplomatch for BMT studies.
Tool for Clustering Genotypes in Haplotypes
Haplotype Inference and Statistical Analysis of Genetic Variation
Data Science Using R
Recursive Organizer (ROR)
Prediction of cancer incidence (as used in the Nordpred project)
Cell Means Based Bayesian Hypothesis Tests
Plot Line Charts
Statistical Tests and Graphics for Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium
The removal of batch effects from datasets using a PCA and constrained optimisation based technique
Harmonic Regression to One or more Time Series
Calibrates and Reweights Units in Samples
Calibrates and Reweights Units in Samples
Graphical Reporting for Clinical Trials
Harrell Miscellaneous
Interactive Graphical HTML Reports for Clinical Trials
Regression Modeling Strategies
Research Reporting Package
Wrangle Phylogenetic Distance Matrices and Other Utilities
A statistical package for the Reef Visual Census
Haifeng private function
Helper functions for data mining projects
Gradient Boosted Trees
Lasso and Elastic-Net Regularized Generalized Linear Models
Self-organizing Maps for Data Classification
Support functions for texmex
Fit and summarize simple Bayesian hierarchical models
Test suite for the texmex package
Statistical Modelling of Extreme Values
A "corrective make-up" program for microarray chips
Read HTTP Archive ('HAR') Data
Causal Mediation Analysis
A Parallel Simulation Framework
Harvest the Classification Tree
barRating htmlwidget
Functions To Process Fantasy Premiership Data
Status of sequential tasks
queryBuilder htmlwidget
What the Package Does (Title Case)
Full feature implementation of hash/associated arrays/dictionaries
A collection of non-cryptographic hash functions
Generate Short Unique YouTube-Like IDs (Hashes) from Integers
Normalize a data frame

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