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Full feature implementation of hash/associated arrays/dictionaries
A collection of non-cryptographic hash functions
Generate Short Unique YouTube-Like IDs (Hashes) from Integers
Normalize a data frame
The Faster Hash Map
Hash R Objects to Integers Fast
Drawing Hasse Diagram
Import and Export 'SPSS', 'Stata' and 'SAS' Files
Bayesian online learning scheme for probit regression with R
Utilities for Language Processing
Korean NLP Package
Tools to make developing Rscript easier
R package to detect character encoding
KoNLP static dictionaries and Sejong project resources.
Differential gene expression analysis for HuGene 2.0 ST micrroarrays.
Hawkes process simulation and calibration toolkit
Hawkes process simulation and calibration toolkit
Sable Systems Basic Functions
Functions for Analysis of Data with General Recognition Theory
Statistical Quantification of Individual Differences
Linear Regression using I-Priors
Bayesian Variable Selection using I-priors
Damage functions from FEMA's HAZUS software for use in modeling financial losses from natural disasters
Hierarchical Bayesian Modeling of Decision-Making Tasks
"Useful utility functions used at the core"
Statistical Summaries for Datasets
Hierarchical Bayesian Regression for GLMs
Hierarchical Biclustering
Hill/Bliss Independence Model for Combination Vaccines
Hierarchical Block Matrix Analysis
Hierarchical Bayesian Analysis of Recognition Memory
Hierarchical Bayesian Small Area Estimation
Hierarchical Bayesian Space-Time models for Gaussian space-time data.
Some changes to make workshop smoother
Convert epivizr workspaces to GViz plots, and viceversa
Greengenes 13.5 16S rRNA Database Annotation Data
Exploration of marker-gene sequence taxonomic annotations
Statistical analysis for sparse high-throughput sequencing
Code and data for epiviz workshop at Bioc2016 conference
Hidden correlation check
Interval estimation for the parameters of linear models with heteroskedasticity (Wild Bootstrap)
Group-Lasso with Hierarchical Clustering
Interpretation of Fluorescence Dilution Experiments
Supplies tools for analysis in psychological surveys
Tools to study mutual exclusion in gene alterations.
Add significance symbols to your ggplots.

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