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Histogram-Valued Data Analysis
A Most Informative Histogram-Like Model
Construction of Regular and Irregular Histograms with Different Options for Automatic Choice of Bins
Utility Functions for R Histograms
Utility Functions for R Histograms
Data Sets for Historians
Hierarchical Inference Testing
"Hit and Run" and "Shake and Bake" for Sampling Uniformly from Convex Shapes
High Throughput Chromosome Conformation Capture analysis
Planning tools for ion beam therapy
Hadoop InteractiVE
Hadoop InteractiVE
2D and 3D Hive Plots for R
HIV calibrated model life tables for countries with generalized HIV epidemics
EM Algorithms for Estimating Item Response Theory Models
Who Are You? Bayesian Prediction of Racial Category Using Surname and Geolocation
Conversion Tools for HK80 Geographical Coordinate System
normalregMix: An R Package for Normal Mixture Regression Models
Ensemble Clustering using K Means and Hierarchical Clustering
Spatial Extreme Value Analysis with the Hierarchical Model of Reich and Shaby (2012)
API to Retrieve Data from Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Google Analytics PNG generator
Hurst-Kolmogorov Process
Imputing dropouts in gene expression
Hello world
Statistical Modeling and Inference via Hierarchical Likelihood
Diagnostic Tools for Hierarchical (Multilevel) Linear Models
Hierarchical Latent Space Network Model
Compartment Model Implementation for Pharmacokinetic Analysis
Calculate and Visualize Synergy Scores for Drug Combinations
Scoreboards of the Eurovision Song Contest
Read 'FDB' Files
Ripple REST Client for R
Manipulate Strings
Read HMD and HFD Data from the Web
The H-measure and other scalar classification performance metrics
Custom Utility Functions
Tidying National Syndromic Surveillance Program Data for Use in Weka
Hierarchical Multiple Imputation
Harrell Miscellaneous
Various helper functions for numerical analysis using R.
HMM - Hidden Markov Models
Hidden Markov Model for Continuous Observations Processes
Copy number prediction with correction for GC and mappability bias for HTS data
Hidden Markov Models with Discrete Non-Parametric Observation Distributions
hierarchical multinomial marginal models
Analysing accelerometer data using hidden Markov models
Data and examples package accompanying the book 'HMMs with R'
Hypothesis Testing and Power Calculations for Comparing Metagenomic Samples from HMP
Statistical Object Oriented Data Analysis of RDP-Based Taxonomic Trees from Human Microbiome Data

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