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Implements the Locally Gaussian Density Estimator
Software Hotspot Analysis
Hot spots
U.S. Housing Data from 2008 to 2016
What the Package Does (Title Case)
Convert Nested Functions to Pipes
R, Shiny, and PostgreSQL Data Capture and Warehousing Tool
Simple Functions
Computational Methods for Numerical Analysis
Phonetic Spelling Algorithms
Waterfall Charts
A lower bound for the number of correct rejections
Analyzing Access Log Data
Bayesian Optimization
Compression-based Partial Least Squares Regression (cPLS)
Density Ratio Estimation
Utilities for comfortable use of dplyr with databases
A Teradata Backend for dplyr
Tools to Fix Functions in R Packages
A Helpful Way to Install R Packages Hosted on GitHub
Utilities for modeling
Novel lambda expressions in R
Luxa Util
Magic Functions to Obtain Results from for Loops
What the package does (short line)
An easy way to parallel processing in R
SparkR extension for using Spark RDD
SparkR extension for closer to dplyr
Tentative Implementation of Bayesian Optimization
Human Protein Atlas in R
Heligman Pollard mortality model parameter estimation using Bayesian Melding with Incremental Mixture Importance Sampling
Call HPCC Ws_SQL functions from R
High Performance Cluster Models Based on Kiefer-Wolfowitz Recursion
High Performance Cluster Models Based on Kiefer-Wolfowitz Recursion
HPE Haven OnDemand R Language Client Library - POST requests
An R Package For Summarizing And Plotting Several InstEvaL Course Evaluations
Bringing Multinomial Processing Tree Models To Item Response Theory To Investigate Response Styles
Simulate (and Analyse) Data Distorted by Response Styles
Functions for Plotting HPO Terms
Miscellaneous convenience functions and dataset
Regularization Paths for Lasso or Elastic-Net Penalized Huber Loss Regression and Quantile Regression
the R package for analyzing expression evolution based on RNA-seq data
the R package for analyzing expression evolution based on RNA-seq data
LRW Path to Purchase Routines
LRW Functions for Quality Control
A package to read (and eventually write) Adobe color swatch files (.aco / .ase)
Tools, Shapefiles & Data to Work with an 'AlbersUSA' Composite Projection
Tools to Work with the 'Algorithmia' 'API'
Access, Download, Update, Process and Visualize Anti-shipping Activity Messages (ASAM) Database Files

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