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Network Analysis for Cell- and Systems Biology
Materials for VisRseq Workshop at BioC2016 Conference
The hyperbolic distribution
The hyperbolic distribution
A Generalization of the Dirichlet Distribution
Visualizing Hypergaphs
Generic N-Dimensional Hyperplane Fitting with Heteroscedastic Covariant Errors and Intrinsic Scatter
Hypergeometric Tests
The Gauss Hypergeometric Function
A package providing hypergraph data structures
Bayesian model selection with penalised splines and hyper-g prior
Hyper-Ensemble Smote Undersampled Random Forests
Work with Hyperspectral Data, i.e. Spectra + Meta Information (Spatial, Time, Concentration, ...)
Work with Hyperspectral Data, i.e. Spectra + Meta Information (Spatial, Time, Concentration, ...)
Graphical interface for hyperSpec package, includes interactive plots
High-Dimensional Kernel Density Estimation and Geometry Operations
Tools to Hyphenate Strings Using the 'Hunspell' Hyphenation Library
Macroevolutionary phylogentic analysis of species trees and gene trees
Multi-Hypothesis CSV Parser
Confidence Intervals and Tests of Statistical Hypotheses
Wrapper for the '' Web Annotation Service
Hybrid Methods for Addressing Uncertainty in RISK Assessments
Tools for Modeling Rate-Dependent Hysteretic Processes and Ellipses
Benchmark functions for the Special Session and Competition on Real-Parameter Single Objective Optimization at CEC-2013
Goodness-of-fit functions for comparison of simulated and observed hydrological time series
Particle Swarm Optimisation, with focus on Environmental Models
Time Series Management, Analysis and Interpolation for Hydrological Modelling
Input/Output functions for the SWAT hydrological model
Hybrid Zone Analysis using R
Visualization of multi-dimentional cancer genomics data
Provide helpers functions to process geosampa data
Simulate and analyse bilateral mark-recapture data
Projection and Forecasting of Fish Populations, Stocks and Fleets
Classes and Methods for Simpler Fleet/Fishery Modelling
Tools for running Management Strategy Evaluations using FLR
A test package for rd_roclet
Aggregated Public Datasets from the Tuna RFMOs
Synthesizing Information Across Collaborating Research
Synthesizing Information Across Collaborating Research
Miscellaneous functions
R Bayesian Analysis and Estimation Stuff
Indian Income Tax Calculator
Get data from NCBI Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO)
Models for Data from Unmarked Animals
Calculate paugmented, pcrit, and pactual.
Time saving functions
Regression Based on Association Rules
Bayesian State-Space Models for Animal Movement
Fits random walks to Argos satellite tracking data

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