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Homework for Coursera - package to visualize FARS data
Create moment tensor representations of earthquakes (beachballs)
Access All of Cynthia Brewer's Color Palettes on cpt-city
Crustal deformation modeling tools in R
Mapping Earthquake Magnitudes to Gutenberg-Richter Distributions
Tools for hydrogeology and poroelasticity
Access the suite of IRIS Web Services
Calculate solutions to the Kelvin differential equation using Bessel functions
Spectral Response of Water Wells to Harmonic Strain and Pressure Signals
Access to injection data in the OCCEWEB database
Access to data-products and metadata from the Plate Boundary Observatory geodetic network
Tools to facilitate working with poel
Adaptive, Sine-Multitaper Power Spectral Density Estimation
Calculate stability criterion for faults with friction
Tools for working with strainmeter and pore-fluid pressure data
Tools for Working with Stresses and Focal-mechanism Inversions
Yang, Hauksson, and Shearer (2012) Refined Focal Mechanism Catalog for Southern California
Mashable Popularity Predictions
Microarray QA and statistical data analysis for Applied Biosystems Genome Survey Microrarray (AB1700) gene expression data.
Access to Abbyy Optical Character Recognition (OCR) API
Tools for Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC)
Computed ABC Analysis
Data Only: Tools for Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC)
ABCDE_FBA: A-Biologist-Can-Do-Everything of Flux Balance Analysis with this package.
Implementation of Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) Optimization
Approximate Bayesian Computational Model for Estimating P2
Array Based CpG Region Analysis Pipeline
Approximate Bayesian Computation via Random Forests
Tools for ABC Analyses
The Analysis of Biological Data
The Analysis of Biological Data
A wrapper for Afrobarometer's datasets.
Gastronomify a data frame.
Load Gap-Free Axon ABF2 Files
Trabajos comunes en el tratamiento de datos
What the package does (short line)
Easy Visualization of ABH Genotypes
Accessing the ChEMBL and Unichem data.
Social Mentions Data
Google Auto Complete
Google Auto Complete
Wikipedia Dumps(Edits, Views and Top1000)
Wikipedia Dumps(Edits, Views and Top1000)
Personal R functions

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