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This package computes infectious disease data
Fast Voxelwise Genome-Wide Association Studies in R
Workflow helper
Open University Learning Analytics Dataset
MNase accesibility (MACC) scores.
Generator of artificial landmark sets
Generating artifical sets of landmarks.
Calculate shape variance
Utility functions for geometric morphometrics
Generating minimal distance matrices from tectonic-deformed landmark data.
Apportionment Tools and Data
Sequential methods for the behavioral sciences
Analyzing Social Hierarchies
Tools for the Curley Lab
English and European Soccer Results 1871-2016
Analysis of Dynamics Hierarchy Formation
Graphs temporal sequence of social interactions using music notation
Calculate ratings of winner-loser matrices
Scrabble datasets and analysis tools
Makes simple tables in RMarkdown
Colorize R Output on Terminal Emulators
Make it Easier to Enter Questionnaire Data
Descriptive Statistics
Intermediate the communication between R and either Neovim or Vim
Intermediate the communication between Vim and R
Loads in and Maps FARS data
What the Package Does (Title Case)
Analysis Tools for the 'JAMES' Framework
Washtenaw County CMH Misc
Human-Friendly Text from Unknown Strings
Dynamic Estimation of Group-Level Opinion
Dynamic Estimation of Group-Level Opinion
Data for the 'dgo' Package
A toolkit for working with the Qualtrics platform and its survey data in R
Simple Toolset to Make It Easier to Perform Common System Tasks.
Simplify Common R Tasks
Yet Another Package for PostgreSQL
Significance scoring for variables
Athena Swan Award Plotting
Epidemic Final Size Calculator
Some helpful mathematical functions
Generic random walk MCMC algorithm for parameter inference
Serological simulation package
Infection time and antibody dynamics model
Estimation of the Bayesian conditional false discovery rate (cFDR) allowing shared controls

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