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Postgres database tools for R
R & Bitcoin integration
R interface to bitcoin daemon
Test R Package for Gitlab-CI Setup
Dummy R package for r-pkg builder example
Business Intelligence shinyApp
quantitative species distribution modelling
plot raster maps using GRASS(-style) colormaps
quantitative species distribution modelling
Simple Tools for Examining and Cleaning Dirty Data
Tracking Individual Particles Through 2D- and 3D-Space
Print Coef and SE from printCoefmat() to LaTeX
Tools for genotyping data processing
Integrating R with QGIS
An R package for bicycle-related calculations
Functions and methods to manipulate micro titer plate time series.
MLE estimation of stable distributions
What the Package Does (Title Case)
Two-dimensional wavelet decompositions of irregular grids
Two-dimensional wavelet decompositions of irregular grids
Extra Themes for 'ggplot2'
Efficient Data Analysis with Rough Sets Methodology
Feature Subset Selection Using the mRMR Approach
Data Analysis Using Rough Set and Fuzzy Rough Set Theories
Calculate office hours between time stamps
Calculate office hours between time stamps
Collection of misc quick fix functions
Read Excel Files w. extended coltype detection
Functions to check Swedish personal and organization numbers
MALDI Mass Spectrometry Data Robust Pre-Processing and Analysis
Treatment of Zeros and Nondetects in Compositional Data Sets
Access OpenStreetMap Data
Comparing correlations coefficients.
A package to analyse recognition memory data within R.
Conway-Maxwell-Poisson Distribution
D&D 5e data
Flashcard data
Utility functions for the CDC FluSight competition
Empirical Bayes heterosis analysis of RNAseq data set
Intelligent logarithms
Data concerning salaries of Iowa State Employees
International Society for Disease Surveillance R Workshop
An example of constructing an R package for data
Functions and data sets for dealing with legos
Convert Dates to MMWR Day, Week, and Year
Provides data from Paschold et. al. (2012)
Utility functions for sequential Monte Carlo
Block composite spatial analysis.

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