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Java Graphics Device
Funciones y datos de la asignatura "Diseno de Experimentos y Modelos de Regresion" de la ETSII-UPM
Scala to Spark - Hello World
Scala to Spark - Hello World
Load WARC Files into Apache Spark
R Worker for Apache Spark
OpenCPU App Displaying Interactive Radar plot
Spatio-Dynamic Wetland Plant Communities Model
A GUI for spdynmod using OpenCPU
Provides Very Large Vectors of Character Strings
Extend big.char and bigmemory's big.matrix to support larger-than-RAM data.frame-like objects in R.
Making Shiny Application Creation Easier (maybe)
Data exploration tools from Yale University.
Read and Write bigWig Files.
Tidying Functions for Time Series Data
Calendar Plot Using ggplot2
Tools for working with VERIS objects
Playing with the FARS data (for a Coursera assignment)
Data in Support of Fluvial Variography
Paper on Spatial Autoregressive Models for Ecological Inference
Spatial Modeling on Stream Networks
Control Charts made easy
Adaptive Ridge for variable selection
Poission Margin Test for Normalisation Free Significance Analysis of NGS Data
Creating Genomic Typhoon Plots
Inference for camera trap data.
Prostate Cancer Outcome Predictor
Microbiome Analysis Convenience Functions
D3 JavaScript Wordcloud Graphs from R
A Wrapper for the 'Highcharts' Library
Chess Move, Generation/Validation, Piece Placement/ Movement, and Check/Checkmate/Stalemate Detection
Functions to Facilitate the Evaluation, Monitoring and Modeling process
Functions to Facilitate the Evaluation, Monitoring and Modeling process
R binding for API
Funciones para Trabajar con Excale y Planea
Analyse GEOtop simulations
Functions for data retrieval (EURAC, Province Bolzano)
What the Package Does (Title Case)
pre- and post-prossesing for mHM
Adding personal RStudio Addins
Calibration of SMC sensors (South Tyrol)
Analyse Soil Moiture Pattern
Spatial Interpolation of Soil Variables | Province of Bolzano
TopoSUB tool
Cure Rate Estimators for Interval Censored Data

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