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Partitioned Distance Function
canvasXpressR: an R package to help you share results with collaborators using canvasXpress
What the Package Does (Title Case)
Filters NCBI Annotated Eukaryotic Genomes by Gene Ontology.
Constrained Inference for Linear Mixed Effects Models
Methods for reduced rank spatial models
Misc Stuff For Teaching Purposes In Undergrad Psychology
Pull Data from ''
Work with a vanilla Minecraft server API
Perform Basic Checks of Dataframes
Multinomial Logistic Regression Using Clustered Bootstrapping
Personal Helper Functions, Some Related to rms Package
Generate Bingo Cards
candy survey data
Translate Spreadsheet Cell Ranges to Rows and Columns
Access and Edit XML inside xlsx
Let R tell you if your NHL team has a game today
Data from Gapminder
Interface to local and remote Git operations
Manage Google Spreadsheets from R
Jenny's RStudio Addins
Just Testing Something That Baffles Me
Make Factors Less Annoying
Prepare Reproducible Example Code for Sharing
Examples of Recursive Lists and Nested or Split Data Frames
Scheduler For Jobs
Measure Execution Time
Tools to help with plotting and analyzing groundwater monitoring data
Tools to help with plotting and analyzing groundwater monitoring data
Tools for Simulating Direct Behavioral Observation Recording Procedures Based on Alternating Renewal Processes
Cluster-Robust (Sandwich) Variance Estimators with Small-Sample Corrections
Pusto's miscellaneous data analysis and simulation tools
Estimating Hierarchical Linear Models for Single-Case Designs
Calculate effect size indices for single-case designs
A statistical package for the Reef Visual Census
Data Exploration Addin
CNV Inheritance from Exome Read-Depths
Enrichment of recessive variants within genes
Skeleton for General TMLEs
Skeleton for General TMLEs
opttx - Optimal Treatment Estimation
origami - Cross-validation Framework
Persistent Efficiency M&V model
Easy Command Line Arguments
Tidy Complex JSON
Connect to the Inter Planetary File System
R Scripting At The Command Line
An R Interface to Tapkee, An Efficient Library For Dimensionality Reduction
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