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Joint Generalized Estimating Equation Solver
Defines a number of extra mgcv bases involving transformations of terms
Decrypt Passwords from Gnome Keyring, Windows Data Protection API and macOS Keychain
Performs the Joint Graphical Lasso for sparse inverse covariance estimation on multiple classes
JGR - Java GUI for R
CCME water quality index
Estimation and Tests of Hierarchical F-Statistics
Functions to Work with Data from the ITDashboard
A bunch of useful functions and settings for working in R. First written Saturday, March 18, 2017 in the Cathedral of Learning in Pittsburgh, PA.
Allan Variance Analysis
CVM Funds Data
CEC Benchmarking Tool
R Implementation of the NMMSO algorithm
Repeats Rows and Columns of Matrices
Automatically Remove Surrounding Whitespace from an Image
Package to conduct coniditional probability analysis
Access Elevation Data from Various APIs
Test for travis build with gdal
Lake Morphometry Metrics in R
Template package for creating manuscript within an R Package
Package with JWHs Miscellaneous Functions
National Lake Morphometry Dataset
Dart Stats for Pelly's Players'
Quickly Map and Explore Spatial Data
Parses Water Level Guage Data
Graficos de control Multivariantes
A popularity contest for R and its packages
Coursera FARS
Functions for Systems Factorial Technology Analysis of Data
Functions for Psychometric Testing
Mapping cell populations in flow cytometry data for cross-sample comparisons using the Friedman-Rafsky Test
Tools for statistical analysis of genomics data
Haplotype inference by genotypes of three haploid reproductive cells
A Cloropleth Map of Williams Students
A Cloropleth Map of Williams Students
Data Mining of Williams College Graduates
QTL interval estimation
Test of Pleiotropy vs. Close Linkage of QTL
Chinamap Utils
R Interface for China National Data
ATAC sequencing Quality Control
Call wide peaks for sequencing data
Streamline Routine Modeling Work
Streamline Routine Modeling Work
Simple simulation about potential outcomes and causal estimation
Chinese Text Segmentation

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