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Helpers to easily read from and write NetCDF files
Non-Parametric Probabilistic Ecological Niche
A new procedure to optimize the selection of groups in a classification tree
Your Static Site in R
Read and analyse data generated by zooprocess
Implements computational models of attentional selectivity
An Implementation of Common Response Time Trimming Methods
fp: Determine and test the fixed-point property in response time data
Auto Install Packages
Prototype for simpler BiocInstaller
Bloom Filters
Test Coverage for Packages
Extends dplyr to use JDBC SQL drivers.
An R interface to the flickr REST API
Interpreted String Literals
Access the Gmail RESTful API
A Highlighting Library For R
Knitr Bootstrap framework.
Simple anonymous functions
Static R Code Analysis
Lookup R function definitions, including compiled code, S3 and S4 methods
perlrer - perl regular expression syntax and results in R
Predict the next pipe function from the previous functions in the chain.
Visually Assessing the Specificity and Informativeness of Primer Pairs
Lookup R function definitions, including compiled code, S3 and S4 methods
Regular expressions for humans, a port of Ruby's Regularity library to R.
Agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering for Sparse Similarity Matrices.
Temporal and Spatio-Temporal Modeling and Monitoring of Epidemic Phenomena
What the Package Does (Title Case)
Test package for reinstalling
Type Checks For Code
Type annotations
Run Code 'With' Temporarily Modified Global State
R package for dealing with the SDD vocabulary
Implements a Gaussian Process binary Classifier
Scratchpad of sample code to demonstrate functions in various R packages.
Descriptive Interpretations of Confidence Intervals
Simple Analysis of Outcome Data from Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs)
An Implementation of Functions Used For Time Series Analysis Within A&E
Query Real-Time Local Air Pollute PM2.5 Level
CONfounding Factor Estimation Through Independent component analysis (CONFETI)
What the package does (one line)
Tools for creating a visual summary of matrix decomposition results.
An R package for analyzing gene expression data with Principal / Independent Component Analysis
Regression method set
Building an ITR Tree

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