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Generate HTML/LaTeX Regression Tables for MCMC Ouput
Longitudinal Targeted Maximum Likelihood Estimation
What the Package Does (Title Case)
Help you keep track of models you fit
Chip Analysis Methylation Pipeline for Illumina HumanMethylation450 and EPIC
Create Global Function Defaults
Financial Option Pricing And Manipulation Tools
R API to Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation
The Leverage Space Portfolio Modeler
R API to opentick databases
Quantitative Financial Modelling Framework
Technical Trading Rules
eXtensible Time Class
eXtensible Time Series
Supplementary Functionality for xts
Feasible Solution Algorithm for Finding Best Subsets and Interactions
rFSA implements a Feasible Solution Algorithm (FSA) to optimal models of a specific form that can include mth order interactions
A package to build stacked ensembles
Calculate empiric therapy indices for device-associated infections.
Wrapper for the Geospatial Data Quality REST API
Data package providing ATC codes
Ensembl based annotation package
Utilities to create and use Ensembl-based annotation databases
Pedigree Analysis and Familial Aggregation
GCRMA background adjustment for Affymetrix Tiling, Exon and Gene ST microarrays.
Plotting data in genomic context
homo_sapiens miRNA host gene definitions
mirhostgenes: putting miRNAs into genomic context
miRTarBase miRNA-target interaction database
Utility functions for high throughput sequencing
Unsorted R functions and utilities
Extensions to the xcms package
Implements Under/Oversampling for Probability Estimation
BioRad Configuration Generator
Calculate protein specific biases in gene expression
Facilitates storage and analysis of LINCS data
Quality control and analysis of Fluidigm ssqPCR experiments.
Scraper of the Remember the Milk API website
NBA Data Package
Joyent Manta Storage Service R Software Development Kit
Joyent Bunyan style JSON logging for R
What the package does (short line)
Facilitates GET requests to Twitter API
@jpalardy's utility functions
Variable Selection with Generalized Maximum Entropy
Read and write JPEG images
Statistical Parametric Mapping in R

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