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Regression Models for Dispersed Count Data
Shiny solutions for Sensory Analysis and Consumer Tests
Performs patient clustering for patient cohorts using OHDSI CDM v5
Joint Random Forest (JRF) for the Simultaneous Estimation of Multiple Related Networks
Jordan (Ross) Farrer's Personal Functions
Bayesian Nonparametric Adaptive Smoothing
Bayesian Nonparametric Adaptive Smoothing
Build, save, and embed directed acyclic graphs (DAGs)
Gather, munge, and convert Phoenix event data into daily event-networks.
Jack-Knife Support for Evolutionary Distinctiveness Indices I and W
Mixed Models incopareting relationship matrices
Mixed Models incopareting relationship matrices
Mixed Models incopareting relationship matrices
Bayesian Restricted Likelihood Methods
Measurement Error Modeling Tools
MLE and Bayesian estimation of Heteroskedastic Ordered Probit (HETOP) model
J.R.'s Miscellaneous Functions
Provides helper functions to create heat maps from dataframes
Convevenience functions for particle size analysis
Helper Functions for the Analytical Laboratory
Process electron diffaction patterns
Process X-ray EDS spectra
Wrapper functions for financial analysis
Finds peaks in spectra and find / remove continuum
Analyze wipe tests from the Tennelec Eclipse software
Process X-ray EDS spectra from NIST DTSA-II and data cubes from NIST Lispix.
Datasets from The Basic Practice of Statistics, 5th ed.
Datasets from The Basic Practice of Statistics, 6th ed.
Miscellaneous Historically Important Data Sets
Misc DBI related functions
Functions enhancing the dlm package
Create exams
Formatting Numbers for Display
Flattened arrays
Extra Themes, Scales and Geoms for 'ggplot2'
Create a Custom Dataset of On-time Flights
Kalman Filter and Smoother for Exponential Family State Space Models.
MCMC sample database classes
SQLite MCMC sample database
mcmcdb (rstan)
MCMC Postprocessing Functions
Miscellaneous Linters for R
Emory Political Science Math Camp
Data and Code for "Quantitative Social Science: An Introduction"
Data frames with column and table constraints
Resampling methods
R Markdown Templates for Manuscripts
Datasets for Agresti and Finlay's "Statistical Methods for the Social Sciences"
Statistical Strategic Models
Miscellaneous functions

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