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Estimating the Number of Essential Genes in a Genome
Analysis of Cell Proliferation Assays
Storage of QTL Objects in SQLite Databases
Interactive Graphics for QTL Experiments
Software for Testing QTL Analysis via Simulations
Calculations for Recombinant Inbred Lines
Simulation 2d Brownian Motion
Simulate Experimental Crosses
Test use of htmlwidgets
Test out stuff
A Throw-away R Package for Testing Stuff
Tools for Analyzing Crossover Interference
Annotation package for TxDb object(s)
Converts NCDC's raw Integrated Global Radiosonde Archive (IGRA) data into R dataframe
A wrapper to convert csv files to sqlite files
A package for simulating data from a GLM model
Manifold learning in R
Information Decomposition of Two-Phase Experiments
Normalisation of Multiple Variables in Large-Scale Datasets
Discrete-time Dynamic Micro-simulation Framework for R
Generate plots of PSI values generated by vast-tools
Drawing Hasse Diagram
Robust Ordinal Regression UTADIS
Value function based ranking
k-Cube Thurstonian IRT Models
Analyse library statistics using Lotkas Law
Creates Heat Map Graphics for Insurgency (Source Engine FPS)
Multi sample aCGH analysis package using kernel convolution
Generation of objective informed priors
generation of informative prior pdfs from multiple types of data using a Bayesian hierarchical framework
Variable Kernel Density Estimation methods
Functions to preprocess and normalize MEMA data
R Synapse Helpers
Visualize Pathway Commons Pathways with Shiny
ams AG Reliability Analysis Package
Kernel Smoothing for Bivariate Copula Densities
Nonparametric method for identifying discordant phylogenetic trees
Multivariate Kernel Density Estimation with Vine Copulas
Fits an empirical Bayesian hierarchical model to obtain posterior probabilities that each gene is a driver.
Mixture modeling of single-cell RNA-seq data to indentify genes with differential distributions
Tools for Modelling Landscapes
Predict incremental temperature-based development of diamondback moth
Bioenergetics Modeling
Simple Point Count Distance Sampling
Handles Gas-exchange Data from LI6400 by LI-COR
Kernel-Based Analysis Of Biological Sequences
An API Wrapper for the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)
A set data frames that have been rendered from shapefiles of U.S. maps in various projections
A set data frames that have been rendered from shapefiles of U.S. maps in various projections

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