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Bayesian hierarchical mixture of factor analyzers for modelling genomic bifurcations
Incorporating prior knowledge in single-cell trajectory learning using Bayesian nonlinear factor analysis
Probabilistic pseudotime for single-cell RNA-seq
Small wrapper for ADVI inference in Stan from within R
SpatialPRo: methods for spacial proteomics data
Statistics for spatially resolved proteomics data
Switch-like differential expression across single-cell trajectories
Spatial Visualization with ggplot2
Kirill's miscellaneous functions
Kirill's Miscellaneous Functions
Functions to clean fantasy sports data and make weekly projections.
Utlizes MAP data and Khan Academy data to update items and students using ELO Rating System
A k-tables approach to integrate multiple Omics-Data
Analysis of Kin-Cohort Studies
Generalized CDH (GCDH) Analysis
memory-efficient storage of large data on disk and fast access functions
Population Genetics
Manhattan and QQ plot
A GWAS tool that takes compound heterozygosity into account
What the package does (short line)
What the package does (short line)
Framework for the Analysis of Kinetic Visual Field Data
Routines for Fitting Kinetic Models to Chemical Degradation Data
Routines for Fitting Kinetic Models to Chemical Degradation Data
Farm Out a Sequence of Jobs to a Cluster of Slaves using MPI
Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Models for Phylogenetic Comparative Hypotheses
Statistical Inference for Partially Observed Markov Processes
Additional POMP Examples
Unconstrained Optimization using the Subplex Algorithm
The Great Tao Package
Implementation of the King County (WA) ''Dine Safe'' restaurant grading algorithm
An Implementation of 'kinn' Algorithm, a Graph Based Regression Model
Pedigree Functions
An implementation of Price Sensitivity Meter
An R package that wraps DeansList's RESTful HTTP API
Functions to convey and prep data from KIPP Chicago's Silo data warehouse to an R session.
An R Package that Wraps TeachBoost's RESTful API
Fragility Index
Example Data from the Multi-Modal MRI Reproducibility Resource
Example Functional Imaging Data from the Multi-Modal MRI Reproducibility Resource
Example T1 Structural Data from the Multi-Modal MRI Reproducibility Resource
Functions to Import Data from 'z-Tree' into R
autoenc (
blink (
cacher (
dokk (
Local Interpretable Model-agnostic Explanations
loopr (

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