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Efficient Rolling / Windowed Operations
Friendly Regular Expressions
Helper Functions for Shiny
An R interface to the online LD tool SNAP (SNP Annotation and Proxy Search)
Tools for Reading, Tokenizing and Parsing R Code
Easy profiling of R functions
R scripts for the analysis of data presented in the article "Marine bacterioplankton consortia follow deterministic, non-neutral community assembly rules" by Vergin et al.
Learning Matrices with Orthogonal Columns or Disjoint Supports
Automatic downloading for various health-related datasets
My Maps Package
Help your brain create reproducible environments for your research.
Simple functions for runtime data validations
Locating Key Players in Social Networks
Wait for a Key Press in a Terminal
Decrypt Passwords from Gnome Keyring, Windows Data Protection API and macOS Keychain
bitphylogeny in R
Kalman Filter and Smoother for Exponential Family State Space Models
Integrated Code Chunk Anchoring and Referencing for R Markdown Documents
Kalman Filter, Smoother and Disturbance Smoother
An Interruptible Progress Bar with OpenMP Support for C++ in R Packages
Functions to determine outcome achievement for the Get REAL! program
KSG Miscellaneous Functions
Simulation of Study Data
Filter BRASS Structural Variants
Tools for detecting past changes in the expected mean trait values and studying trait evolution from comparative data
Decomposing a graph into loops
Agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering for Sparse Similarity Matrices.
Sample Classifier
What the Package Does (Title Case)
KHB: Comparing nonlinear regression models
Baseline Correction of Spectra
The Distribution of Distances Between Discrete Events in Fixed Time
Matrix Correlation Coefficients
Variable Selection in Partial Least Squares
R toolbox to facilitate easy access / visualize Ameriflux data
Batch download single pixel or gridded DAYMET data
Process and georeference raw NSIDC data
R toolbox to facilitate easy access / visualize SNOTEL data
Fast smoothing methods for R.
Sampling from a Empirical Likelihood Bayesian Posterior of Parameters Using Hamiltonian Monte Carlo
Incorporating prior knowledge in single-cell trajectory learning using Bayesian nonlinear factor analysis
Curve reconstruction from noisy points
Laplacian eigenmaps & principal curves for pseudotemporal ordering of single-cell RNA-seq data
Bayesian hierarchical mixture of factor analyzers for modelling genomic bifurcations

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