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Life History Relationships
Management Procedures
Run executables in parallel
Estonian opendata portal data access
Latent Variable Models
Latent Variable Models
Latent Variable Analysis
Latent Variable Analysis with Shiny
Complex Survey Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)
Mixtures of Linear Latent Variable Models
LVM with censored and binary outcomes
Latent Variable Models with Censored and Binary Outcomes
Data package for NOAA nclimdiv Database
Toolset for the EPA National Lake Assessment Dataset
Simple interface to online NLDAS data
Simple interface to online NLDAS data
Paul Reneau plotting package
Client for 'Turfjs' for 'Geospatial' Analysis
Embeddable Cairo Graphics Device Driver
Grammatical Object-Oriented Plots
Introduce *Ranges to bedtools users
Document collections in R
R Interface to RESTful Web Services
R to Solr interface
Data for the VariantTools tutorial
Tools for Biostatistics, Public Policy, and Law
intelligent sensory tests: a package of R programming for food sensory & consumer evaluations.
My personal R package.
MCRI Colour Palettes
RNAtools - Functions for processing RNA-seq data
Lazy Learning for Local Regression
A LazyData Facility
Lazy (Non-Standard) Evaluation
Render R Markdown Outputs Lazily
Lazy SQL Programming
LaTeX Wrappers for R Users
Latent Budget Analysis for Compositional Data
Simple, file-system based object storage and access.
Mocking Extensions for Package Testthat
Sample package.
Manage Sub-Processes in R
Threads in R
Estimation of the false discovery rate.
Functions for 'Extremal attractor of Liouville copulas'
Functions for 'Extremal attractor of Liouville copulas'
Liouville Copulas

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