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Temporal Exponential Random Graph Models by Bootstrapped Pseudolikelihood
Conversion of R Regression Output to LaTeX or HTML Tables
Temporal Network Autocorrelation Models (TNAM)
Extensions of Exponential Random Graph Models
Common Infrastructure for Extensions of Exponential Random Graph Models
Standard Normal Z-Score Calculator for Summary Statistics
Compiles Meterological Data for U.S. Counties
'NOAA' Weather Data from R
Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) Analysis Functions
RTutor Effects of Building Codes on Energy Consumption
Bivariate Linear Errors-In-Variables Estimation
Simplify the Creation of Choropleth Maps in R
Functions and datasets to accompany the book "Le logiciel R: Maitriser le langage, Effectuer des analyses statistiques" (french)
A stutter peak model for STR allele calling and MSI detection
Provides A Very Basic "To Do" List in Rstudio
Functions for registry-based cancer research
Tools for Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics
functions for dealing with evomod simulations results
A Lending Club API Wrapper
An R package for gene and isoform differential expression analysis of RNA-seq data
Bayesian analysis for identifying gene or isoform expression changes in ordered RNA-seq experiments
Calling somatic SVs in exome DNA-sequencing data (SV2 version)
R Tools for Brazilian Chamber of Deputies (Camara Dos Deputados) Data
Nonparametric Stability Analysis
A MediaWiki API Wrapper
Convert address to WGS84
Crawling address in Taiwan
Crawling address in Taiwan
EOLembrain Data Manipulation Toolbox
A Web-Based PTT Crawler
Restricted Statistical Estimation and Inference for Linear Models
Wildfire And Vegetation Succession Simulation
Random Variable Data Tables
Dynamic Model Averaging with Grid Search
Generalized Autoregressive Score Models
Tools to measure distance based specialisation of species and communities
Provides Foreach Looping Construct for R
Calculate multi-metric index (MMI) values and scores.
MMI calculation NV, Calculate Predicted Metrics
Track flows of water through an urban system
HaplotypR, a pipeline to analyse amplicon deep sequencing genotyping data
R bowtie2 wrapper
R swarm wrapper
R swarm wrapper
Generate 'Lero Lero' Quotes
Identifying Differential Effects in Tiling Microarray Data
Helper Functions for Sentiment Analysis of FARC negotiations
Less Code, More Results
A package for LEarning STATistics

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