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Convert a GDX into a IAMC XLS Submission File
Manipulate GDX Files
Lomb-Scargle Periodogram
Package for Plotting Categorical Longitudinal and Time-Series Data
Model-Based Clustering and Classification for Longitudinal Data
Analysis of Multiple Time Course Data
Longitudinal Data
Statistics for Long-Memory Processes (Jan Beran) -- Data and Functions
Sample Size Calculations for Longitudinal Data
Expand Short URLs
Efficient Leave-One-Out Cross-Validation and WAIC for Bayesian Models
An Interface for the Looker API
Look-Up Tables using S4
loop decomposition of weighted directed graphs for life cycle analysis, providing flexbile network plotting methods, and analyzing food chain properties in ecology
A Collection of Tools to Conduct Levins' Loop Analysis
Modelization for Functional AutoRegressive Processes
Uses an Archive to Amend Previous Stages of a Pipe using Current Output
Logistic Ordinal Regression Differential Item Functioning using IRT
LOw Rand and sparsE Covariance matrix estimation
Structure and abstract your code
Logistic Regression Trees for Multinomial and Ordinal Responses
A package for psychology studies
Missing Morphometric Data Simulation and Estimation
Runs Lotka's Law which is One of the Special Applications of Zipf's Law
Stackexchange Analytics
Plot Linkage Group Maps with Quantitative Trait Loci
Multi-Level Monte Carlo
Tools for Structural Reliability Analysis
Latent Structure Learning
Background Subtraction and Image Denoising (BSID)
Useful R package for kyobo retirement pension marketing team
Useful functions for lovetoken
Creates ggplot biplot methods for pca objects
estimates of the parameters of growth curves
Exercise for Data Science Master
LowMACA - Low frequency Mutation Analysis via Consensus Alignment
Low Memory Use Trimmed K-Means
Low Rank Quadratic Programming
Moving Epidemic Method R Package
Report of DEG analysis
Analyze isomiRs and miRNAs from small RNA-seq
Functions mainly used to create automated reports
LP-BRIM Bipartite Modularity
Lassoed principal components for testing significance of features
Local Principal Curve Methods
Local Polynomial Density Estimation and Inference
Methods for analyzing microarray data using Local Pooled Error (LPE) method

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