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Tools for spatio-temporal prediction of crimes in Manaus, Brazil
Dose Response Signal Detection under Model Uncertainty
JDBC connection manager for HBP MIP platform
Linear regression
Descriptive Summary Statistics
Sources an R "Module" with Caching & Encapsulation, Returning Exported Vars
Linear Regression by Gibbs Sampling
Different Types of Estimators to Deal with Multicollinearity
Google Analytics for shiny
Analyze historical and infer future Serie A soccer (calcio) results
A Likelihood Ratio Test Accounting for Genetic Heterogeneity
Visualization Tools for Genealogical Data
What the Package Does (Title Case)
Locally stationary two-dimensional wavelet process estimation scheme
A Multiscale Test of Spatial Stationarity for LS2W processes
Latent Semantic Analysis
Applied Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) Functions
Datensätze und Übungsmaterial zu 'Large-Scale Assessment mit R'
Simulate Large Scale Assessment Data
Least-Squares Bilinear Clustering for Three-Way Data
Local Statistical Complexity - Automatic Pattern Discovery in Spatio-Temporal Data
Tools for retinal plotting and analysis
Lots of Superior Depictions
Reading LSD Results (.res) Files
Least square dummy variable regression
Solving Least Squares Problems under Equality/Inequality Constraints
What the Package Does (Title Case)
Linear Multiple Output Sparse Group Lasso
Horse Racing Data and Payout Calculator
The Length of the Shorth
The Length of the Shorth
Latent Structure Learning
Calculates the lsmeans and their variances for lm, gls,lme,mer,lmer and glmer models
Least-Squares Means
American options pricing with Least Squares Monte Carlo method
What the Package Does (Title Case)
Lysate and Secretome Peptide Feature Plotter
Linear Splines with Convenient Parametrisations
LS-PLS Models
The Leverage Space Portfolio Modeler
Companion to "Learning Statistics with R" Biostat2 TD
the accelerated failure time model to right censored data based on least-squares principle
Facial Keypoint Detection Package
Calculates Standard Deviation and Error
Locally Stationary Time Series
Simulation-Based Bayesian Inference for Latent Traits of Item Response Models
Profile Output Processing Tools for R
A Graphical User Interface for Examining R Profile Output
Simple Mamory-Mapped Vectors

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