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Accurate Estimation of Clonal Coincidences and Abundances from Biological Replicates
Analyze high-throughput sequencing of T and B cell receptors
Read Gallery Data Into R
Do stuff with GCS in R
Constrained Optimization on Linear Function
A set of my day to day functions
Popular Packages
An R Steam API Client for Valve's Dota2
A Tool to Create HTML Tables
Text Mining Suite
Transcriptomic View of Genomic Features
Transcriptomic View of Genomic Features
This is title of MyRpackage
Reading M3 files
Identifies differentially methylated regions across testing groups
Michaelis-Menten Modelling of Dropouts in single-cell RNASeq
Data from the M4 Time Series Forecasting Competition
Models for Financial Economics
Tools for analyzing Micro Array experiments
Managing Animal Movement Data with 'PostGIS' and R
Binary and Multiclass Boosting Algorithms
Meta-Analysis with Correlations
Generates plots for various games used in **Political Games**
MicroArray Chromosome Analysis Tool
Mediation Analysis of Causality under Confounding
A Method for Identifying High Fst Genomic Regions
Machina Time Series Generation and Backtesting
Package for the Calculation of the Reliability-Density Neighbourhood (RDN) Applicability Domain Technique for QSAR Classification Models
Currying for fun and profit
Simple and sane modularity for R code
original and SEM methods for ISC
Helper functions for constructing lavaan models
A collection of functions used for reliability analysis.
QA Machina Indicators
Dam Adult Branch Occupancy Model
Import, Manipulate, and Export Genotype Data
Salmonid Composition Bootstrap Intervals
Simple Simulation and Sampling
Bootstrapping to generate CIs for fish stock point estimates
Baseball Data Analysis in R from a Cubs Fan
Retrieve Data from MacLeish Field Station
Class prediction based on microarray data and clinical parameters
Visualize artificial correlation in microarray data
Tools for Data Handling and Analysis in Macroecology
Paleogeography combined with spatial paleobiodiversity

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