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Interactive graphics and interface for chromatoplots
Multivariate ARIMA and ARIMA-X Analysis
Mapping and enriching of marine data
Wrappers for existing marine web services
Benchmark Data Sets and Functions for Marine Species Distribution Modelling
An 'API' Client for Broads 'Firehose' Pipeline
Simplifying frequently used functions
The tRNA adaptation index
Tools for importing and manipulating NONMEM data.
Tokeshi's Niche Apportionment Species Abundance Distributions Models
Using Mass Cytometry for Differential Abundance Analyses
Methods for Single-Cell RNA-Seq Data Analysis
Retrieve, Store and Plot Barron's Commitments of Trader
A suite of tools for extracting, filtering and aggregating data from the Maritimes fisheries science databases
What the package does (short line)
RTutor Problem set Attribute Tradeoffs
RTutor Problem set Attribute Tradeoffs
What the package does (short line)
Particle Tracking and Demography
A package for creating and assessing performance of curtailed tests
Prediction Rule Ensembles
Unbiased prediction rule ensembles
Dissimilarity Matrix Dimensionality Estimation
'Markdown' Rendering for R
hunts a certain data package for hypothesis generation.
Convolution-Based Nonstationary Spatial Modeling
Reinforcement Learning in R
Visualizing Butterfly Sightings with Shiny
Quality assessment and low-level analysis for Illumina BeadArray data
A package of miscellaneous functions to support R training at CRUK Cambridge Institute
Mark-Recapture Analysis for Survival and Abundance Estimation
Interface with Google BigQuery with Shiny Compatibility
Use the Gentelella Bootstrap Template in Shiny Apps
Google Analytics API into R
Google Analytics API into R
Easy Authentication with Google OAuth2 API
R Interface with Google Cloud Storage
Authenticate users via the Google+ API
Google Tag Manager API into R
Markov Prediction for OpenCPU
Google Search Console R Client
Easier Google Authentication in Shiny
Interface for Stripe API for R
YouTube Analytics API
Market simulator for R
R package
What the Package Does (Title Case)
Draw graphical elements in circular way

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