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Hierarchical Dependence in Meta-Analysis
Metaheuristic Optimization Framework for Preprocessing Combinations
An Implementation of Flower Pollination Algorithm in R
Meta-Analysis of Gene Expression Data
Landscape and Range Expansion Simulation
Likelihood Inference in Meta-Analysis and Meta-Regression Models
Meta-analysis for MicroArrays
Diagnostic and Prognostic Meta-Analysis
Diagnostic and Prognostic Meta-Analysis
Bayesian Mixture Analysis for Metagenomic Community Profiling
MS-based metabolomics annotation pipeline
Meta-Analysis of Studies with Non Statistically-Significant Unreported Effects
Meta-analysis framework for differential coexpression network (DCN) detection
MetaDE: Transcriptome meta-analysis for differentially expressed gene detection
A Meta-Analytic Top Scoring Pair Method for Robust Cross-Study Validation of Omics Prediction Analysis
Perform the Meta-Analysis for Pathway Enrichment
Objective quality control and inclusion/ exclusion criteria for genomic meta-analysis
An R package for MetaSparseKmeans
Preprocessing of Normalized Gene Expression Data
Meta-Analysis of Significance Values
Perform the Meta-Analysis for Pathway Enrichment Analysis (MAPE)
MetaPCA: Meta-analysis in the Dimension Reduction of Genomic data
Formalized Plots for Self-Describing Data
Creates CrossHairs Plots for Meta-Analyses
Robust Meta-Analysis and Meta-Regression
Metapopulations and Incidence Functions
MetaQC: Objective Quality Control and Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria for Genomic Meta-Analysis
Meta-analysis of RNA-seq data
Meta-analysis of RNA-seq data
Meta-Analysis using Structural Equation Modeling
Advanced Statistical Methods to Model and Adjust for Bias in Meta-Analysis
Meta-analysis of RNA-Seq count data in multiple studies
An R package for the analysis and result reporting of RNA-Seq data by combining multiple statistical algorithms.
Meta Analysis for SNP-Set (Sequence) Kernel Association Test
Fit and test metaregression models
Fit and test metaregression models
Meta-analysis for Classification Data and Correction to Imperfect Reference
Variance-Covariance Matrix for Multivariate Meta-Analysis
Rainforest Plots for Meta-Analysis
R Interface to the metaviz web app for interactive metagenomics data analysis and visualization
An R package for metabolomic data analysis
Navigating mass spectral similarity in high-resolution MS/MS metabolomics data
Spatio-Temporal Analysis and Mapping of Meteorological Observations
Spatio-Temporal Analysis and Mapping of Meteorological Observations
Numerical Weather Predictions
Tools for plotting meteograms
Landscape Meteorology Tools
Ensemble Forecast Verification for Large Data Sets

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