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Detects Relatedness Between and Within Isolates
Visualise Output from Genetic Linkage Analysis Tools
Estimating mulitplicity of infection from high-throughput sequencing data
Prioritises variants from the merged_collab file
Identical By Descent Analysis
Affordances for Retrieval of General OHDSI Stuff
Library Driven Compound Profiling in GC-MS Data
Download and manipulate discount rate of bond from China Clear.
Dice roller shiny gadget
For analysis and plotting of root length data output from SmartRoot in imageJ
Tools for microarray data analysis
RStudio Addin for insertion of package names.
Genome wide annotation for Zea mays
Balance Check for Multiple Covariates in Matched Observational Studies
Balanced and Spatially Balanced Sampling
Tools for Accessing NCIBI Web Services in R: aggRmesh
Tools for the Bayesian Discount Prior Function
View/edit R list objects in the browser via httpuv
Tools for the Bayesian Discount Prior Function
Retrieve data from BLS's public API
Functions to Facilitate Standard Analyses Conducted in Fisheries Science
Flexible, isoform-level differential expression analysis
DEsubs: an R package for flexible identification of differentially expressed subpathways using RNA-seq expression experiments
CORES Data shown interactively
Global Historical Climatology Network (NOAA) Temperatures for spanish stations
Functions and Datasets for Books by Jeff Gill
Bivariate Angular Mixture Models
Bayesian Meta-Analysis of Diagnostic Test Data
Bayesian Additive Models for Location Scale and Shape (and Beyond)
Bayesian Additive Models for Location Scale and Shape (and Beyond)
Analysis and Visualization of Macroevolutionary Dynamics on Phylogenetic Trees
Unified Syntax for Parallel Operations in R
Psuedo-random number generation for commonly used distributions utilizing Halton sequences.
Maximum Simulated Likelihood estimation functions for discrete choice under risk.
Extract read count signals from bam files
Functions for simple A/B split test and multi-armed bandit analysis
Bayesian Network Feature Finder
Calculates the power for CRT models.
Make Banner Comments with a Consistent Format
Bayesian ANalysis Of Compositional Covariance
Hierarchical Bayesian ANOVA Models
Hierarchical Bayesian ANOVA Models
Download Data from the Bank of Mexico
Projection of cancer incidence and mortality data using Bayesian APC models fitted with INLA
Extra tools for Array and RNA-seq Analysis
Batch Effect Removal and Addon Normalization (in Phenotype Prediction using Gene Data)
Bayesian Prediction of Stochastic Processes
Plotting symbols interleaved with text
Coupled dipole approximation of light scattering by clusters of nanoparticles

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