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My First Collection of Functions
Analyze Non-Kinship Bond Formation With Exponential Random Graph Models
Meta-Analysis using Structural Equation Modeling
Fun with Bayes and Monte Carlo Simulation
Fun analysis of caffeine
TextRank for Korean
Measure Growth Patterns and Align Sampling Spots in Photographs
seawater carbonate chemistry with R
Access open weather data from the Finnish Meteorological Institute with R
Work with date interval data in R
Plotting Mapbox Maps with ggmap
MIcrosimulation Lung Cancer (MILC) model
R Tools for Data Copy-Pasta
Mufflr: Addins for speedy and smooth pipe chains.
Collect and Arrange library() Calls
Plot Hisograms Once
Multiple Imputation for Multivariate Binary Outcome
Multiple-Instance Logistic Regression with LASSO Penalty
Simulate Linen Rental
mimager: The Microarray Imager
Map Filenames to MIME Types
Mixture summary method for multiple imputation
Mixture Models for Single-Cell Assays
Factor Detection
Data sets included in Utts and Heckard's Mind on Statistics
Analysis of an ICA decomposition obtained on genomics data
Maximal Information-Based Nonparametric Exploration R Package for Variable Analysis
Mutual Information NETworks
Implementation of the Well-Known Game to Clear Bombs from a Given Field (Matrix)
Analyze Illumina Infinium DNA methylation arrays
Use 'shiny' to Demo 'igraph'
R Interface for International Monetary Fund(IMF) Data API
Install Fund Approved Packages
Access World Bank's Open Data in R
Counting label transitions in phylogenetic stochastic mapping
Bayesian inference on coalescent-based phylodynamics using linear noise approximation
Goodness-of-fit tests using Kernelized Stein Discrepancy
Create a Mini Version of CRAN Containing Only Selected Packages
tktcl quick and simple function GUI.
Minimally Changed CCD and BBD
Create Tile Grid Maps
Minimax distribution family
Minimax and Minimax Projection Designs
Coursera Capstone Project
Parse Argument Options
A Package for De Novo CNV Detection in Case-Parent Trios
Shiny UI Widgets for Small Screens

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