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Functions for deposition algorithms
dummy package
Simple figure and table indexer for use with document generation.
Environmental Flow Regime Indicators
Russian River Estuary Habitat BluePrint Browser
Integrated Code Chunk Anchoring and Referencing for R Markdown Documents
Functions for testing RAS outputs
Repeated Function Evaluation for Sensitivity Analysis
Steady and Unsteady Open-Channel Flow Computation
Russian River Estuary data collected by the Largier Lab
Rainforest Plots for Meta-Analysis
A new tool for exporting TCGA Firehose data
Efficient multi-level k-circulant supersaturated designs
Dictionary with arbitrary keys and values
What the Package Does (Title Case)
Calculate Weighted Mean of Student's t Distributions
Nested Resolvable Designs and their Associated Uniform Designs
Fits and plots macroecological patterns predicted by the Maximum Entropy Theory of Ecology (METE)
Functions for Spatial Thinning of Species Occurrence Records for Use in Ecological Models
Approximate Kernel k nearest neighbors for regression and classification
Kernel k Nearest Neighbors
Random Search in R
Text Processing for Small or Big Data Files
Machine Learning Benchmark Problems
Latent Class Item Response Theory (LC-IRT) Models under Within-Item Multidimensionality
Maximum Likelihood Conjoint Measurement
Statistical analyses especially designed for BIO532, Biostatistics, at Chatham University
Machine Learning-based Differential Network Analysis of Transcriptome Data
Exploratory Data Analysis and Manipulation of Multi-Label Data Sets
R Ultimate Multilabel Dataset Repository
Maximum Likelihood Difference Scaling
Machine learning algorithms with unified interface and confusion matrices
Machine learning algorithms with unified interface and confusion matrices
Computation of the MLE for bivariate (interval) censored data
Maximum Likelihood Estimates of Gaussian Processes
Machine Learning for Experimental Data Analysis
What the package does (short line)
Expected/Observed Fisher Information and Bias-Corrected Maximum Likelihood Estimate(s)
Maximum likelihood unit root test
Semiparametric multilevel frailty models, estimated via EMPL method
Multi-Layer Goup-Lasso
tools for creating and analysing odk-compatible surveys in R
Multi-Locus Geno-Typing
Fast Prototyping of Analysis Scripts
Don't Worry About It
Independent Component Analysis using Maximum Likelihood
Multilevel Index of Dissimilarity
Easily Topic Analysis of the Modernist Journals Project with LDA

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