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Bitwise Operations
Utilities from 'Seminar fuer Statistik' ETH Zurich
SuperZip example
Mathematical Morphology in Any Number of Dimensions
Map Pages of Memory
Map Pages of Memory
Multivariate Measurement Error Correction
Modified Maximum Contrast Method
Multivariate Multinomial Distribution Approximation and Imputation for Incomplete Data
Statistical Testing for ChIP-Seq data sets
Statistical Testing for ChIP-Seq data sets
Mixture Model Distance Sampling (mmds)
Multinomial Mixed Effects Models
Estimation of Multinormal Mixture Distribution
Multivariate Meta-Analysis
Graphing for Markov Models and Hidden Markov Models
an R package for analyzing multivariate longitudinal data with multivariate marginal models
Multivariate marginal models with shared regression parameters
Multi-Marker Molecular Signature for Treatment-specific Subgroup Identification
A metagenomic pipeline for systems biology
Modern Measures of Population Differentiation
Loss Development Triangle Data
Provides Functions For FARS Data
Radii Plots for ggplot
What the Package Does (Title Case)
Implementation of Marker-Assisted Mini-Pooling with Algorithm
Murine Palate miRNA Expression Analysis
A collection of miscellaneous functions for report-making.
Reporting and quality checks for TBESC TO 1 data
Monte-Carlo Methods for Prediction Functions
Various Similarity and Distance Metrics for Marked Point Processes
Markov Modulated Poisson Process for Unsupervised Event Detection in Time Series of Counts
Fixed effects Selection in Linear Mixed Models
mmSAR is an R package for the modelling of the Species-Area Relationship (SAR).
Model-Based Clustering and Classification with Mixtures of Modified t Factor Analyzers
Calculate Mean by time for xts object
For working with (S4) Matrix objects in (possibly parallel) chunks
Murat Tasan's Swiss-Army Knife
R interface to the PostgreSQL database system
Convert Dates to MMWR Day, Week, and Year
Fatality Analysis Reporting System
Matrix Normal Block EM
REMI: EMI Consulting's Internal R Package
Visual summary of a dataframe
What the package does (short line)
D3 Charts for R
Fantasy Football
A package with data.table data
Tools for linked data analysis
Skeleton Template Skeletons For rmarkdown

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