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panel operations
covariance estimation - remove pa dependency
Monotone Multi-Layer Perceptron Neural Network
Clustering, differential expression, and trajectory analysis for single- cell RNA-Seq
Geometric Morphometric Analysis of Monogenean Anchors
Taxonomic Monographs Tools
Monotonic Increasing
Estimation for Multivariate Normal and Student-t Data with Monotone Missingness
Allows to Explore Monophyly (or Lack of it) of Taxonomic Groups in a Phylogeny
Functions to Fit Monotone Polynomials
SM colour tools.
Nonparametric Monotone Regression
Automatic Parallelized Monte Carlo Simulations
Functions and Datasets for the Book by Keon-Woong Moon
Prepare data frames for models
Compilation of useful functions
Brings the fun into preprocessing of data!
Gene Permutation Procedure for Unbiased Gene Set Analysis
Summarises and visualises Fars data
Identify oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes from omics data
Fars Data Processing
Basic astronomical calculations with R
Event-Related Potential (ERP) Data Exploration Made Easy
Supporting function for supervised exploration of data structure
MoPS - Model-based Periodicity Screening
MOPSOCD: Multi-objective Particle Swarm Optimization with Crowding Distance
Check Time Homogeneity and Markov Chain Order
Color schemes compatible with red-green color perception difficulties
R functions to analyse southern North Sea fish stocks and fisheries
Calculations and Visualisations Related to Geometric Morphometrics
Analyses for bone biomechanics
Phenotypic Selection Analysis tools
MOdelling Tools for Reproduction and Survival Data in Ecotoxicology
Simple raw data generator based on user-specified summary statistics.
Smoothing and Forecasting Poisson Counts with P-Splines
Data Analysis in Food Science
Measure the Young Adult Mortality Hump
Project MOSAIC Statistics and Mathematics Teaching Utilities
Project MOSAIC Data Sets
Project MOSAIC ( manipulate examples.
MOSAIC - Basic Quality Data Assurance for Epidemiologic Research
MOSAiCS (MOdel-based one and two Sample Analysis and Inference for ChIP-Seq)
Development of visualization methods for quality control
R interface for multiTree
Tools for quanitfying biocrust cover
What the Package Does (Title Case)
Learning Hybrid Bayesian Networks using Mixtures of Truncated Basis Functions
A Package For Predicting The Disruptiveness Of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms On Transcription Factor Binding Sites
R package for analysing TFBSs in DNA sequences

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