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Conversion of DICOM to NIfTI Through R
Scopus Database 'API' Interface
Creates small-in-size multi-page PDFs by creating a series of PNG/JPEG/BMP that are then joined together.
Wrapper Functions for 'SPM' (Statistical Parametric Mapping) Version 12 from the 'Wellcome' Trust Centre for 'Neuroimaging'
A suite for running automated tests for data
Testing 'matrixStats' on 'Travis'
Test Case for 'RGL'
White Matter Normalization for Magnetic Resonance Images using Whitestripe
Multiple Sequence Alignment with MUSCLE
Multiscale Climate Model Assessment
Macaulay2 in R
Conversion of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectrum in audio file
Toolbox for Functional Genomics Data Processing in R
My miscellaneous functions
Read and Translate National Inpatient Sample Data
Prentice Rank Sum Test and McNemar Test
What the package does (short line)
Studying patterns in base substitution catalogues
What the Package Does (Title Case)
Basic Utilities for Data Management, Graphics, and Simulation
Parsing DNA sequences (seqParser)
Unified multiple testing procedures
Unified Multiple Testing Procedures
A Graphical User Interface for the MuToss Project
Decipher Mutational Signatures from Somatic Mutational Catalogs
Convert Country Names and Country Codes
document templates for Rmarkdown for myself
karskitools: Collection of functions to facilitate reproducible analysis with R, knitr and pandoc
document templates for Rmarkdown for rstatscon
Language conversions for Russian region names and support files for spatial analysis
Merge eu-silc cross-sectional and longitudinal raw .csv datasets
Functions to Generate Tidy Metadata from SPSS, Stata and SAS binary data files
A package with cyclelove
MultiClass Visualizable Classification using Combination of Projections
An Introduction to Applied Multivariate Analysis with R
Statistical Methods for Analysing Multivariate Abundance Data
Statistical Methods for Analysing Multivariate Abundance Data
Normalizing RNA-Sequencing Data by Modeling Hidden Covariates with Prior Knowledge plus extentions to perform EWAS and TWAS
A gene expression or DNA methylation based predictor for white blood cell counts
robot-data-scientist (
Analise multivariada (brazilian portuguese)
Metaheuristic Optimization Framework for Preprocessing Combinations
Tools for Preprocessing Combinations
Lightweight Data Quality Simulation for Classification
Tools for Visualization of Interdependent Data Quality Issues
Mutivariate Bernoulli log-linear model
Modelling Multivariate Binary Data with Blocks of Specific One-Factor Distribution
Modelling Multivariate Binary Data with Blocks of Specific One-Factor Distribution
Workspace organization, code and documentation editing, package prep and editing, etc.
Multi-View Clustering

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