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Beta-Binomial bayesian changepoint model
A Lightweight Acceptance Test Framework
MCMC For Hypergeometric Capture-Recapture Data
Tiny Hash Table
Utils for IP4 and IP6 Addresses
Stack Overflow's Greatest Hits
Trace logging functions for R
Zest style sheets
Data sets and functions for statistics classes at Keiser University
Data Sets and Functions for the R Lunch-and-Learn
Balance and Sensitivity Diagnostic Graphs
This package supports implementation of sensitivity analyisis using objects from Match, MatchIt and bmatch
d3BarGraph Version 2
Beta-Poisson Model for Single-Cell RNA-seq Data Analyses
Isoform-Level Expression Patterns in Single-cell RNA-sequencing Data
Tools for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrum Alignment and Quantitative Analysis
Algorithms and functions for On-line Portfolio Selection
Map Matching Using Fuzzy Logic
Fast n-Gram 'Tokenization'
A Simple General Purpose N-Gram Tokenizer
Molecular characterization via untargeted mass spectrometry
Covariate Balance Tables and Plots
Evaluation with name binding
NGScopy: Detection of Copy Number Variations in Next Generation Sequencing sequencing
Fitting the Centered Autologistic and Sparse Spatial Generalized Linear Mixed Models for Areal Data
Phylogenetic and Functional Analyses for Ecology
BLMA: A package for bi-level meta-analysis
Index of Ecological Condition (IEC)
Data from the US National Health and Nutrition Examination Study
NHANES Data Retrieval
Process Accelerometer Data from NHANES 2003-2006
Contains data from continuous NHANES (years 1999-2012).
Example experimental microarray data set for the "biotmle" R package
Nima Hejazi's R Toolbox
Non-hierarchical evolutionary multi-objective tree learner to perform cost-sensitive classification
Scores for Every Season Since the Founding of the NHL in 1917
Compiling the NHL Real Time Scoring System Database for easy use in R
Bayesian Non-Homogenous Markov and Mixture Models (Multiple Time Series)
Non-Homogeneous Markov Switching Autoregressive Models
Modelling and Validation of Non Homogeneous Poisson Processes
Plot Null Hypothesis Significance Tests
Get or Set UNIX Niceness
R-index and p-Curve App
Response Surface Analysis
Functions to collate, manage and summarize PIT telemetry data.
(Niche) (R)egion and Niche (Over)lap Metrics for Multidimensional Ecological Niches
Evolution simulation and classification
A tool for visualisation and exploration of LD patterns
Several Specific Plots For Hydrologic Data

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