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XES event log support
Analysis of Latvian Pension FundsVersion:
Dplyr2Xts helps users create xts time-series data from tbl_df formats easily
rmsfuns is a collection of miscellaneous functions that can be used in R.
Texevier: Create Formal written documents with the Elsevier format using R
Static Analysis Tools for R Code
readCSV Rllvm Case Study
Examples for RLLVMCompile
Loop Fusion for R
Package for applying 2D convolution kernel filters to matrices or arrays
High Throughput Sequencing of Stable Isotope Probing Data Analysis
Dose-response Explorer
Multivariate Meta-Analysis
Preferential Attachment based common Neighbor Distribution derived functional Associations
Systematic Identification of Bimodally Expressed Genes Using RNAseq Data
Scraping and manipulating data from Cricinfo
R Package to ease work with data
What the Package Does (Title Case)
Hierarchical Dirichlet Process for categorical count data
Nicola Roberts miscellaneous functions
Validation of analytical methods
Code that I find useful
Functions for gambling
Python String Methods in R
Neo4j Driver for R
Performs tasks common to institutional research
Night and Day Boundary Plot Funtion
Independent Hypothesis Weighting
Reproduce figures in IHW paper
Reproduce figures in IHW paper
Analyzing sychonization network
Forest Plots from Regression Models
What the Package Does (Title Case)
SnpMatrix and XSnpMatrix classes and methods
Monazite Datation for the NiLeDAM team
Generate LaTeX Code for Auto-Multiple-Choice (AMC)
Nima Hejazi's Miscellaneous R Code
Flexible BUGS-Compatible System for Hierarchical Statistical Modeling and Algorithm Development
Package Wrapper
Event Study Analysis
Japanese Utility Functions and Data
Fast and Accurate Trisomy Prediction in Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing
This wonderul package is an ideal tool-box for working with time series.
An interface for Binary classification using R, Java, and Python ML algorothms
Generates randomized quasi random numbers
Generates PRN in forward and backward direction
Parse Eidith Test Data
Nonlinear least squares examples from NIST
Nonlinear least squares and function minimization examples from NIST

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