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Google Drive API client library
Enhanced HTML R documentation
In-lining of HTML styling with juice.js
R utilities for interfacing with the Jupyter notebook
Convenience functions
A wrapper for the quickscrape web-scraping framework
Wrapper Rexpy Regular Exression Finder Python Module
An R wrapper for node.js
Sudeen Oak Death Dynamics
Individual-Based Modeling of Sudden Oak Death
Equation-free modeling of spore-driven disease dynamics
What the package does (short line)
Import Tables from Various Text Formats
Save Trace Information for Optimization Routines
An enhanced system() designed for piping
Utilities to manipulate functions.
Utilities to manipulate matrices.
Basic meteorology functions
Read data from Wettermast Hamburg-files
Node Harvest for Regression and Classification
Compares the Distribution of Sister Clades Through a Phylogeny
Expanding Ploidy and Allele-Frequency on Nested Subpopulations
Implementation of the Natural and Orthogonal InterAction (NOIA) model
Estimation of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Noise from Single-Cell Data
Label Noise Filters for Data Preprocessing in Classification
Exploratory analysis and differential expression for RNA-seq data
Citrus: Identification of stratifying subpopulations in Flow Cytometry Data.
cytofCore: Analysis tools for CyToF Mass Cytometer Data
Linkable C++ Clustering
SPADE -- An analysis and visualization tool for Flow Cytometry
Make Diagnostic Plots for predictive Models
Interface to the Nomad List API
Hierarchical Nominal Clustering Package
Biplot representations of categorical data
Extract Equations from a Nomogram
U.S. Census Regional and Demographic Data
Noncompartmental Analysis for Pharmacokinetic Data
Causal Inference in the Presence of Treatment Noncompliance Under the Binary Instrumental Variable Model
NonDecomposable Graph
Non-detects in qPCR data
R package for nonlinear time series analysis
Nonlinear Time Series Analysis
Loading NONMEM Output Files and Simulate with Parameter Uncertainty
Create and Evaluate NONMEM Models in a Project Context
Tests of Non-Nested Models
A Collection of Nonparametric Hypothesis Tests

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