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Type Library Information Reader
R interface to libxslt
Tools for working with XML and XSL documents
Tools for Parsing and Generating XML Within R and S-Plus
R facilities to read XML schema
Merger functions for data export from different sources
OMERO R Gateway
Functions for Gambling
Multiple co-inertia analysis of omics datasets
High-quality circular visualization of omics data
Poly-Omic Prediction of Complex TRaits
'--omics' Data Analysis Toolbox
Classification and Feature Selection for 'Omics' Datasets
Gillnet size selectivity analysis
Model and Solve Mixed Integer Linear Programs
A Solver for 'ompr' that Uses the R Optimization Infrastructure ('ROI')
GRO-seq Analysis Pipeline
Analysis of dose response experiments
One-by-one normalization and classification of hematological malignacies
Custom function for Oncogenetics team
Maximum likelihood tree models for oncogenesis
A tool to identify potentially oncogenic genes
Forward Genetic Simulation of Cancer Progression with Epistasis
Estimating oncogenetic trees
Estimating oncogenetic trees
Planing, Monitoring and Evaluating Oncological Phase 2 Studies
A graphical interface designed to facilitate analysis of microarrays and miRNA/RNA-seq data on laptops
Improves Early Build Genome Assemblies using Strand-Seq Data
Software for constructing genetic maps in experimental crosses: full-sib, RILs, F2 and backcrosses
One Rule Machine Learning Classification Algorithm with Enhancements
R wrapper for working with Google Prediction API
Interface to Colombos Compendia using the Exposed REST API
Efficient Authenticated Interaction with the O*NET API
Deal with one and two (normal) samples
One-Way Tests in Independent Groups Designs
An add-on to ggplot2 to make a few things easier
octonions and quaternions
Detect Changepoints in Multivariate Time Series
Online Principal Component Analysis
Orthogonal Nonlinear Least-Squares Regression
A tidyverse GARCH package
A tidyverse mixed-frequency GARCH package
a ggplot2 theme for the Flanders Heritage Agency
Ontology traversal and search
Functions for Reading Ontologies into R
Functions for Visualising Sets of Ontological Terms
Functions for Calculating Ontological Similarities
Out of Bag Learning Curve
Chinese word segmentation

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